Apr 12, 2012

The Quaking Tsunamis…!

Never mind if the world ends one day. Million lives end everyday. And anyway, the quakes and the follow up Tsunamis are causing no less drama every now and then. I’ve heard a fisherman saying “We request government to stop giving Tsunami alerts again and again. They may give alerts twice a year but every day we fear to go for our work thinking what devastation might come”. It is damn sure that it’s said out of frustration.

No one can control the nature, earth, seas and so on. Nature kills at one go and that too all in unsaid way. Yesterday’s and today’s earth quake brings to me the all horrifying thoughts of future days to come, future calamities to be faced.

I came to know yesterday through a news channel that a professor in Japan researched upon the past earth quake data. It was said that he found a formula using which we can predict the upcoming one. He was right with his formula once. He could say the exact magnitude of the upcoming quake and the near date too. Hats off to the brilliant brains! Japan is the most and worst hit with all such calamities. No surprise if Japanese professor put all his efforts to find out the way out.

Nature kills but it’s the mother of invention too.

May the mankind get all the strength to face the future!

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Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

While I agree that it is important to find out scientific ways of doing these things, the frenzy that is caused by some uninformed TV anchors and newschannels is disappointing. Somewhere the news channels have to draw a line between helping viewers to stay well informed about an issue and whipping up a frenzy. Most of the time, the TV anchors whip up a frenzy without real reason and it drives people nuts because no one is sure who is saying the truth. News can be presented in an informative way. In India, it is very disappointing how worked up some TV anchors become while presenting the news.