Apr 28, 2012

Should MP Tendulkar choose to speak for the other Indian sports?

Amidst the guesses of seeing Tendulkar as a future coach, commentator, mentor or a businessman etc, the wildest of the wild guesses has waved its hand announcing its kick-off. Taking all of us, the nation, the cricketing world and his million fans across the globe to surprise, he was nominated to the parliament of India!

And he accepted it! Well, I think the nomination and the acceptance that followed was a show that was shown. I don’t think Tendulkar would have decided on it a day’s time. Having been the person who has planned his career in such a way that he would play longer, starting from changing his shots suit his body to brilliantly choosing the tournaments to be skipped, its least expected that he would decide over it over a night. But if it was done over a night or even over a week, being the person who got inspired by him at many occasions, I sincerely hope his decision would not cost him the stature, his invaluable possession that he has earned over decades purely sweating.

Some people have kept their point of views to themselves on his retirement saying that he would be the right and most deserving person to decide on it. But on his acceptance to become a member of parliament, no one as yet left any words behind in either hailing or condemning it. Anyway, that’s quite understandable for below reasons.

Sachin Tendulkar is no more a person who just owns himself. Rather, he is owned by a country, by his followers, by his devotees etc. His decisions might be his own but no more the consequences of the same, either good or bad.

Anyhow, that’s just based on what he has been so far. I remember telling my friends that I hope he would not do any such mistake because of which his otherwise ‘one in hundred years’ career would all be forgotten or ruined. He is well aware of the fact that people have a habit of remembering a cricketer by his last innings. It might take no time for people to take reverse gear if made optionless. Again, I sincerely hope with all my love and passion for this man that he would come out well.

I believe in living life with versatile careers. After the most successful career which has already inspired many lives, I think it’s worth giving a try in another. Being an MP, Tendulkar must speak for the sports persons, the field which is very much near to his heart. He will need to do it for all the underprivileged sports persons or the sports themselves in the highly cricket oriented India. I do believe even he has the responsibility to do so having been at least some reason for the present situation of other sports in India, with his addicting aura turned the whole nation think and breath just cricket. With the power in hand he must utilize it to speak and do volumes for the passion of sport of Indians which is one of the biggest reasons for what he is today.

Academies must be supported for various sports in India. Coaches, especially Indians, must be recruited more. Fund from government must be ensured utilized well. Under the current scenario we can not expect every penny to be used but to whatever the extent possible it must be made available. The whole scene must educate younger people on sports. He has inspired enough number of youngsters to enter cricket. Now it’s time to gear up to encourage people choose the rest of the sports too. Building career in sports is what many players dream of. And that’s possible only when enough jobs are created under sports quota. That’s not just enough; the income must satisfy them too. After all, we all need money so as sports persons too. All these can not be happen over night. But with the involvement of highly influencing Tendulkar, let’s hope at least things move better over a year. That will be the best reward he can give himself for all his efforts.

Buckle up Sachin, its high time again to start journey towards another greater height. Bat has been your spokes person so far, now you have no option than utilizing your mouth. Taking stand is the least seen in your entire cricket career. It is not possible any longer. Some more such facts will ping you soon. We all would love witnessing you coming out with flying colors.

He comes out well or not, fact is fact. His cricketing career, which would be remembered as the only longest one in the history of mankind, allows him to be wrong at reasonably very less number of times. There lived a man called Sachin Tendulkar will be what the generations to come wondering about after next hundred years. That’s the greatness he has earned, to envy which none alive is even qualified enough!

One line before closing – National Congress Party playing spoilsport with one of the nation’s best sports persons ever lived is the least expected. NCP, mind it!


Jack said...


I hope and pray that he lives upto your expectations but with ensuring corruption free environment in sports without any favouritism too.

Take care

Anonymous said...

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