Apr 10, 2012

Taking the ‘time’ factor while comparing…

Any work in this world will finally boil down to ‘time’. No escape from it, which is never bothered, never stopping, and always ticking. In a given amount of time a person can perform a job and another person may perform further better, based on their capabilities, interest, and willingness etc. Comparing such works is no problem. Problem starts when you compare the job that is done in less amount of time with the same job done in more amount of time. Given enough time, if I’m not wrong, most of the jobs can be done with better quality. As time always comes as constraint sometimes quality needs to be compromised. Otherwise, you may have done a great job taking lot of time but the job that is not done in required time is of no much use.

Comparison is not good when it comes to comparing two different people with different capabilities and working for different goals. But comparison is a must when different people though of different capabilities but working for same goal. He who compares need to be aware of the role that ‘time’ factor has played. That’s the same reason why comparison of jobs shall be done with respect to some fixed amount of time.


Jack said...


I agree with Take Home # 130 fully. Next Take Home is so true. I feel that while comparing two persons working toward similar goal it is not just the time factor but quality achieved too needs to be seen.

Take care

Being Pramoda... said...

Definitely quality must come.. one must be the constant, out of time and quality and the other must be measured..