Apr 20, 2012

Titanic 3D…Experienced the sinking…!

“… I don’t even have a picture of him. Now he exists only in my memories”

I’ve seen the gigantic Titanic sinking into the Atlantic Ocean on the silver screen for more than five times so far and yet could not make it to the above dialogue. I would have heard but could not connect to it. When I watched the new three dimensional take of the movie, released on the eve of 100 years ceremony of the original ship sunk, many of the dialogues including the above stuck me once again.

No need to say anything about the story line of the film. During the three hours of stay in the theaters the movie almost takes you to the emotions of over a two thousand people on board the Titanic, the ship which was claimed to be unsinkable.

“Out of all the boats only one came back. Six people were saved from the sea…”

Well, none could have done any better amidst the freezing cold waters of the already killing Atlantic Ocean.

Love makes you survive. Love makes you kill yourself. It is true to the core as per the screen play of the movie. Every time I watch it, the end, when the hero dies I cry. This time round it was even more touching with the water lever camera shorts of the 3D. Not just that scene, every shot taken from the water level was absolutely stunning as if you are in the water too. Also the shots from top, especially when she sinks, add to the party of the stunning ones too.

All in all, once again loved the sinking experience, this time in the third dimension. It is fun watching and yet the fact that the thousands of lives were kept on sure list of dieing on the unfortunate day in 1912 pinches you from the back of your mind.

Thanks to James Cameron for the initiative of 3D.

One more movie I would like to experience in the 3D is 2012. I’m looking for the earth-quaking experience. Hope the director gets this incepted in himself.


Bikramjit said...

Love is beautiful and lucky are the people who have love and find love ..

I ma yet to see this one in 3d.

titanic was a good movie though


Jack said...


You have made me decide to see this movie. I agree with previous Take Home.

Take care