Jun 30, 2012

Consistency… Take Home #162

Good players win. Consistent players succeed.

Be in full spirits… Take Home #161

When people are given a choice to accept or reject you and they choose to reject you, next time put all your efforts to make them have no choice than accepting you. Be in full spirits always.

Jun 29, 2012

Happiness and Satisfaction…Take Home #160

Congratulating the winner gives you happiness. Supporting the loser gives you satisfaction.

We all are destined…!

We all are destined to be right and wrong at given point of times. Hence it’s never late to speak out either good or bad about anyone or anything unless it does not help anyone.

Express yourself and make yourself clear of all doubts.

Jun 24, 2012

People Management… Take Home #159

People management demands a good mix of commonsense and the skill to be disciplined to the point.

Deed left unrecognized… Take Home #158

Be it a mistake or a good job, a deed left unrecognized is the initiating cause for all the mess we have to face at times.

Rejecting people…!

Accepting people as they are makes you live accepting the change in you for them, as the life has to go on. Rejecting people for what they are might sometimes result in change in them. Take risk of rejecting people on need basis for the good you believe in.

Rejection should not be on personal terms instead it should be purely for the good cause.

Jun 20, 2012

Excuse is important yet contagious!

Excusing is important. But it’s even more important to accept and implement the fact that none deserves to be excused every time. Excuse is contagious too. You see someone is excused and immediately you start feeling like expecting to get excused next time. This will hence reduce the productivity which is utterly bad for any team to keep up the spirit to deliver its best.

Jun 16, 2012

Competition… Take Home #157

Competition will be right there with you everywhere you go. Dealing with it in a healthy way keeps you healthy physically and mentally too.

Jun 14, 2012

Friends @ work life

Love makes life beautiful. Friendship makes life colorful.

Early in the morning I’ve become so nostalgic that I miss so many friends of mine here in Pune. More than that the same unanswerable thing that I ‘have to’ miss them makes me helpless and hence more worried. But that’s life. Partying and departing are the two opposite sides of a coin called friendship. Of course, departing stays restricted to the physical distances and not mental ones. That’s hugely relaxing. Thanks to the all mobile world.

As I remember my earlier days in Pune few years back, it was full of fun. It used to be full of friends in the surroundings. I don’t know what makes me roll down tears as I write this. It’s absolutely hurting as I have to accept the fact that we are all bound to miss people in life at some or other point of life; yet it’s very beautiful; those memories, those days, those friends are few of the priced possessions I’ve till date.

Fortunately or unfortunately, in my case, work makes me give attention to those wonderful days in my thoughts, to all those wonderful people, friends, with whom I worked once. Fortunate that I remember them and along with that i feel the goodness once we shared. Unfortunate for the whole and sole reason that those good things would not happen again or I must say might not happen again!

Understanding between friends is very common in college days. But understanding between two colleagues is not rare but of less probable case. Colleagues turned friends are the most missed ones in the work life out of all those whom we have to miss. Usually, the rest stay or not really does not matter much personally. But what my professional life taught me is something interesting and thinkable. The rest are so important that you have to have them with you to identify the very few who might turn up best for you as friends in the days to come, you never know it! After all a bit of sharing and caring at times makes life-time friends.

I differ in opinion with what many people say about friends in work life. I believe we might not have friends all the time with us but at some or the other point of time we end up finding them. This will mean lot of wait for some. And for fortunate people like me they come without much wait. But they go too; I mean they leave, again in terms of distances but not too far that you have to worry.

Well, this write-up has been a great start for me for another day. Looking forward to do the best; Good day all.

Jun 10, 2012

Expect, but… Take Home #156

Expect, but only after rightly understanding what is supposed to be expected.

Jun 4, 2012

Post:700 - Mom, thanks for the summer...

We come across very few sweethearts. Mom tops the list. I’ve had a wonderful summer with her. Probably this has been the most hectic yet exciting summer I’ve been through since years.

The laziest soul of me turns up when my mom is around. There is no doubt about it. On top of everything my mom’s incomparable discipline makes me look even lazier to myself.

Time runs the fastest. Guess what, do everything that you can do to count the minutes and you end up counting the moments, the moments of memories. I still have the day breathing in my memories when I received my parents here and all of a sudden it feels so lonely again, as if nothing has happened, as if no month of May has passed.

Hectic schedules of professional lives are only to be understood for the perfect relations to keep maintained. My mom, being a dedicated worker herself, demanded not even a single day leave considering my occupancy. May be, that’s not just mom, a working mom!

Especially after returning from the office, I’ve missed the magical smile of my mom which I’ve been used to these days as she used to open the door for me. Smile is smile and mom’s smile is more than a smile.

Every time I give send off to someone, loved one, I realize the power of my eyes to hold back the tears. What you remember is the last face you have seen while departing. I tried to hide the reddened eyes but I need not tell you how mom equally failed in doing so.

Well, all in all, had another good summer. That’s important. Thanks to mom. So, here is the 700th post dedicated to her.