Jun 20, 2012

Excuse is important yet contagious!

Excusing is important. But it’s even more important to accept and implement the fact that none deserves to be excused every time. Excuse is contagious too. You see someone is excused and immediately you start feeling like expecting to get excused next time. This will hence reduce the productivity which is utterly bad for any team to keep up the spirit to deliver its best.


Diana said...

One thing I dislike the most Prams, is when people don't admit when they are wrong or messed up. It happens so frequently anymore.
What's so hard about saying "I'm sorry, I messed up."?
Love Di ♥

Jack said...


It is true that one gets tempted to try the same thing which benefited co-worker.

Take care

deeps said...

like u said, it s important to excuse
maybe when & how matters