Jun 4, 2012

Post:700 - Mom, thanks for the summer...

We come across very few sweethearts. Mom tops the list. I’ve had a wonderful summer with her. Probably this has been the most hectic yet exciting summer I’ve been through since years.

The laziest soul of me turns up when my mom is around. There is no doubt about it. On top of everything my mom’s incomparable discipline makes me look even lazier to myself.

Time runs the fastest. Guess what, do everything that you can do to count the minutes and you end up counting the moments, the moments of memories. I still have the day breathing in my memories when I received my parents here and all of a sudden it feels so lonely again, as if nothing has happened, as if no month of May has passed.

Hectic schedules of professional lives are only to be understood for the perfect relations to keep maintained. My mom, being a dedicated worker herself, demanded not even a single day leave considering my occupancy. May be, that’s not just mom, a working mom!

Especially after returning from the office, I’ve missed the magical smile of my mom which I’ve been used to these days as she used to open the door for me. Smile is smile and mom’s smile is more than a smile.

Every time I give send off to someone, loved one, I realize the power of my eyes to hold back the tears. What you remember is the last face you have seen while departing. I tried to hide the reddened eyes but I need not tell you how mom equally failed in doing so.

Well, all in all, had another good summer. That’s important. Thanks to mom. So, here is the 700th post dedicated to her.


Anonymous said...

nice post :)

Anonymous said...

nice post :)

Jack said...


Congratulations on reaching 700 mark. And so rightly dedicated. Mothers are God's representatives on earth.

Take care

deeps said...

thats like taking 700 wickets :P

Anonymous said...

well gary it took me ages to find it i think this is the link
and some info , there there most competitive in the game ,tell them mick told you to ring

KParthasarathi said...

Great you had your parents specially mom with you.There is nothing more pleasing than that.

My hearty congratulations to you on your completing 700 posts.The magic is not merely in the number but in your sustaining the interest of your readers like me in your blog with your Take home posts.Some made us pensive,some smile and some introspective.
Great job and I am sure 2012 will witness your touching the 1000th mark.
Best wishes,Pramoda

Anonymous said...

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