Jul 28, 2012

The London Feast’2012

Thanks to the London Olympic organizers for choosing the weekend, fourth weekend of the month which is a two day holiday for me, as the start to the awaited event featuring 26 sports and 36 disciplines.

Opening ceremony was of course a well-organized one as I especially loved the helicopter stunt, depiction of the industrial revolution and the march fast. Indian women players in yellow sarees looked beautiful and cultural. Sushil Kumar got the opportunity to hold the Indian flag and he will of course look forward to march onto the podium one more time in a row.

I’m especially looking forward for the events of Archery, shooting, badminton and tennis for Indian medalists. Overall, I would love to watch each and every event, but I’m very sure I would not be able to. Well, I will like to witness at least the finals of Marathon, 4x100 m relay, 4x400 m relay, badminton, tennis, volley ball, Gymnastics and Hockey. I’ve seen the Archery few hours back in which Indian men team lost to Japanese team. The wrong shots at right time have taken it away from the Indian team. Well, congratulations to the South Korean Archer for the world record holder who is legally blind and could still get through. Believing in oneself magically wins the moments.

With the regular articles in news papers on the upcoming Olympics since last few weeks I could get to know some of the world’s famous athletes eyeing for the gold or a medal. I’m looking forward for inspiring performances and entertaining Olympics.

Never Late!

It’s never late to change the attitude right towards the opponents, contemporary rivals or for that matter the enemies. As a matter of fact, we all face each other for the sole reason called success which is of none but visit everyone time to time. All we need to do is to be in a right arena with a right mind set to turn the disappointing failure into a deserving success.

Jul 27, 2012

The Olympics, 1996 to 2008…

Sports are back and I’m back into the form which I almost lost these days!

London must be the most scintillating city now. As the curtain is about to rise for one more time for the world’s biggest sports event, I wish all the players and their coaches a very happy Olympics ahead.

I’ve not paid much attention to the Olympics previous times. First games I remember were the 1996 Atlanta ones, hosted by the United States, in which the Indian Tennis ace, Leander Peas, won an Individual Bronze medal in lawn tennis, the only medal India bagged. Well I remember answering this question in one of the quiz competition held at school. That age was of course not an age where you get inspired by the sport, rather it was the age that would take winning the country’s whole and sole attention as a passionate imagination.

The Sydney Olympics in 2000 were all overshadowed by the EAMCET preparation and the extra care of the Intermediate colleges. I did not even know that something of Olympics or of that sort was going on in the world. Karanam Malleswari proudly won the bronze for India which I got to know only from the crazy repeated telecasts of TV and news channels during my vacation.

After Athens Olympics in 2004, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore was the hero of the nation as TV channels went on showing him up everywhere possible with a gun in hand. He appeared as a super hero from the Indian defense services. United Stated lead the way with a century medals and topped the table. Michale Phelps, the golden guy of the pool, was the cynosure of all most all discussions on sports on TV.

The Beijing 2008 was a wonderful experience with the Indian golden gun boy, Abhinav Bindra, won the first Individual gold for India. That was the first time ever in an individual event Indian national anthem was played on the world’s biggest podium. Two more bronzes, one in boxing and other in wrestling, came our way and added to the celebrations. I’m yet to read ‘The Shot at History’, a book written by Abhinav Bindra himself. That was the first time I kept wondering what it would take to stand as calm as Bindra on the podium with the national anthem running in the back ground. Probably, it takes the stableness of a player to win big shots.

Post on the London games, 2012, to follow.

Jul 26, 2012

Love and life…

Heart Loves;
Guts Express;
Morales decide;

PS: Special cases are ignored here.

Manager and qualities… Take Home #168

Manager should not lose such qualities seeing which he is made a manager.

Jul 17, 2012

Lessons learnt hard fought… Take Home #167

Lessons learnt hard fought shall be the most remembered and no excuse shall be expected on making another mistake of the same or similar sort.

Expecting the change!

Sometimes I feel I’m being stupid by expecting people to change who need not change just for me and things to change which never change for anyone. Leaving all the expectations behind and moving forward in the day to day life is not as easy as we say it. Of course we eventually lose the respect we have for such people and belief in such things but one must take care that he or she does not lose too much of either. Everyone and everything shall be given excuse and tolerance, respectively, considering the human characteristics in case of people and natural phenomenon in case of things. It takes a bit of control on one’s own mind to carry along with such situations and to leave behind such expectations. At the same time it takes a lot of self-discipline and determination to be practical as much as possible in the contemporary world. Not everyone and everything is born or made for you in the world. The sooner we realize this fact, the better we perform with cool mind and complete heart. Otherwise we will be lost in the logistics which are for no one’s rescue.

As we are born we must live. As we live we must contribute. Sitting back and expecting people and things to change for us will help the least.

Jul 15, 2012

Ability… Take Home #166

The ability to be walking with the day and done with the day respectively during and after the working hours establishes a successful career and satisfied mind.

One of the ironies…!

We do and don’t mind about same issue at different point of times. When we mind we don’t mind giving it a big cry. When we don’t mind we don’t mind not giving it a bloody thought.

Sometimes we react more than required and sometimes we do not do so to be up to the mark.

At times we challenge the unnecessary and end up having no time for the needy.

When we have so much to do we don’t do anything, and when we have lot to do we have no time.

When we want to do so much we are not required to do it and when we have to do something we are deliberated to do nothing.

Many such facts are faced and accepted by us every day. Yet at times we cannot accept some facts doing which might result in good for many.

Such stupidity is an integral part of all of us. Some turn stupid again and again. Some turn occasionally. Some stay stupid always.

All this is one of the ironies of life!

Acknowledge a deed… Take Home #165

Be ready to give and take praising or scolding as deserved. Acknowledging a deed completes the deed.

Jul 11, 2012

Support in bad times… Take Home #164

The support you get in bad times is much remembered than the appreciation you get in good times. Amidst all the mistakes and misery, keeping up the smile still keeps the spirit up.

Jul 9, 2012

I miss myself…

In the deep thoughts of you
I lost myself to you.
As I live life without you
I miss myself too.

Being loyal in marriage!

Being loyal in marriage is not just about being loyal to each other. It’s also about being loyal to two families.

Women and men contribute equally, almost, in every called-off relationship which otherwise would have been long lived and mutually loved having put little more efforts in terms of having the emotional responsibilities towards each other’s families. Having understood the responsibilities of each other towards each other’s families has always catalyzed the relationships towards a stronger bong at its early ages itself, which eventually strengthen the bond between the two too.

It seems as if some of the educated ones are just educated about taking care of their own family by ignoring the partner’s family in some cases and in some more cases by keeping the partner’s family out of the family picture. This at most of the time shortens the life time of the love bond the two share provided the victim understands the unfair done to him or her. In some other cases there is no sense of urgency shown by some people even if their own families are being ignored by their partners or kept intentionally away. They are just happy as always and as usual without thinking much about their own families being ill treated by their partners. I pity such. That’s the biggest mistake a son or a daughter do to their own families who have lost too much in the process of bringing their kids up.

Well, up to the two and the situations.

Being loyal in marriage is not just about being loyal to each other. It’s also about being loyal to two families.

Understand and act… Take Home #163

With some you need to be diplomatic where as with some you should not be. Understand and act.