Jul 15, 2012

One of the ironies…!

We do and don’t mind about same issue at different point of times. When we mind we don’t mind giving it a big cry. When we don’t mind we don’t mind not giving it a bloody thought.

Sometimes we react more than required and sometimes we do not do so to be up to the mark.

At times we challenge the unnecessary and end up having no time for the needy.

When we have so much to do we don’t do anything, and when we have lot to do we have no time.

When we want to do so much we are not required to do it and when we have to do something we are deliberated to do nothing.

Many such facts are faced and accepted by us every day. Yet at times we cannot accept some facts doing which might result in good for many.

Such stupidity is an integral part of all of us. Some turn stupid again and again. Some turn occasionally. Some stay stupid always.

All this is one of the ironies of life!


Jack said...


That is the irony of life.

Take care

Rachit said...

and that's the way it happens in life...

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