Aug 25, 2012

Not how long but how fast… Take Home #172

It’s not how long a person has been into a system but how fast he wants to get adopted to the new system that matters.

Respect and identity… Take Home #171

One need not work where no identity. One should not work where no respect. But one should work to gain identity and respect but not for any one of them in unison.

Aug 19, 2012

Laxman – The Man Very Special

If there has been any one Indian cricketer from whom you can learn how to quietly accept the unfair done to you despite performing the best, that is the stylish batsman from Hyderabad, V.V.S.Laxman. Being quiet and answering the selectors with his bat has been his regular job since years. Being a south Indian cricketer and having been lacking in the lobbying skills, the way Laxman could still get through to the extent of being a legend is an inspiration for many.

He believed in his skill and that paid too. It’s paid in terms of the belief and love of crores of people. This Indian middle order batsman has been the pillar of Indian innings during the tenure of tail-enders in a match which is in its last overs probably. If Laxman is still there in the crease its never the right time to switch off the TVs or turn the channel.

Somehow Australians have been his biggest victims throughout. The unforgettable innings from him at the Eden gardens in 2001 when he made 281 runs playing follow-on will remain as one of the best innings in any format of the game since its inauguration back in 20th century. Very special Laxman’s special runs have been the legacy we all have enjoyed and would enjoy.

His retirement decision with immediate effect, all of a sudden one, has stunned many including his fellow team mates. That would have been different had he chosen to leave the game after the series with the Ausies. Anyway, I believe he has taken the best decision given the situations.

It seems it’s not too far away for Sachin, Sehwag and for that matter for Dhoni and Yuvi too to quit the game. However, every retirement appears as an unbridgeable gap but the young talents have been upcoming to show up the confidence on future. Let’s hope for the best.

Well, I would like to congratulate Laxman for his highly inspiring career of sixteen years and wish him all the best for everything he would love to return back to the game which has given him everything he is today.

Aug 15, 2012

Medal, of any metal…

Olympics are done. Now it’s the time to look at the welcome every medal winner of Olympics has been getting in their respective nations. More than the moment of winning, players or I must say the winners must be getting the maximum feel of it as they receive the exhilarating welcome by their people back home.

Be it a gold or a silver or a bronze, medal of any metal is being received proudly amidst all the well deserved applauds.

As some have won back to back gold medals, some other have won medals of some metal back to back and some others have done it for the very first time in the history of games for their country. Well, the attention they have been getting and the love they have been experiencing are well deserved for all the efforts it took to march on to the podium.

Once again congratulations all the winners of any metal. You all made your countries, your people, and your coaches proud.

Jai ho, Team India of Olympics’2012. Six medals are just the start. The cricket crazy nation will now look forward for another Olympics to count the medals all again, this time at the Rio, Brazil.

Congratulations to Gagan Narang, Vijay Kumar, Saina Nehwal, Mary Kom, Yogeshwar Dut and Sushil Kumar. Four out of these six are from small town. That’s enough for the young India from the small towns to get inspired to gift the nation another memorable Olympic campaign, may be years later.

Farewell London, farewell summer Olympics’2012. Thanks for the fun and inspiration.

Aug 7, 2012

Differentiate… Take Home #170

Some are great achievements and some achievements enjoy the greatness with the way they are celebrated. It’s important to differentiate these two not to pull down the later but to respect the former.

Aug 5, 2012

4 years and 4 Days, it’s been more than just a professional life…!

What I was four years before and what I am now is what makes me thank my colleagues, my boss and Tata Motors. Keeping things simple is the best learning I’ve ever had here. I’d love to keep this post as simpler as possible.

Starting the work life right after the college life along with the college-mates does not give you a real chance to get to know the practical difficulties in understanding colleagues. Experience pops in as the time goes on which makes one conscious before calling hurdle a hurdle.

Rather than the good times, the tough times show how important it is to be tough and rightly disciplined to the point. Support in tough times cannot be forgotten. But one must take care that he or she would not get surrendered to the people who supported in tough times which might happen due to some eventual emotional reasons.

Few colleagues turn out to be good friends but again, professional relationship shall be maintained with utmost care be it with a colleague or with boss or for that matter with a friend as well.

Knowledge is always the biggest advantage. Something else supersedes in contention and that’s the communication and managerial skills. Well, people with perfect combination of all three are the complete packages every organization proudly possesses.

Being competitive all the time is important than getting succeeded and getting settled. Experienced people who always are ready to learn new things even when they are almost at the end of their long careers inspire the next generation.

All the improvement happened in me with all the learning of these years make me say that it’s been more than just a professional life. Work is part of life and what stays with and runs us whole life is the right spirit we gain.

Parents give the best moral support everywhere you go. My mom is the inspiration for me for a disciplined working style and my dad is an inspiration for me to keep doing the things of my passion as the second job though unprofitable.

That’s how it’s been and yet a lot to say.

Congratulations to my friends and colleagues who have also completed same tenure.
Experience always counts; when it fails, again experience counts to be calm, to get through and to come back.

Aug 4, 2012

Inspire a Generation!

“Inspire a generation” is the slogan I saw on one of the banners in the ongoing Olympic telecasts and that itself is an inspiring one I would say.

Congratulations to the Olympic Medal winners (so far)!

In the pool, a 0.01 second has made the top seed miss the Gold and that’s why they say, ask an Olympic medalist if you want to know the importance of mille second. As Phelps is looking for the record 18th Gold at the games over all, I wish him all the best.

Badminton fixing racket has certainly made the real damage as one woman of the top seed pair has retired from the sport after being expelled from the games following their so called intentional loss to gamble it out for an easy quarter finals draw. Having a person who has always appreciated the sportive spirit I would go with the WBF’s decision but it’s very unfortunate to the sport. Years long efforts going in vain in undesirable way hurts, deeply hurts. Hope this would be the first and last time Olympics see such incidents.

Luck going in Nehwal’s way has been the talk of the news channels since last couple of hours. Congratulations to her for becoming the second Indian woman in the history of Olympics to win a medal for India. Gopi Chand must be the proudest coach. He could not win one but his academy is on its course to bring up many medals for India in the years to come with Saina raising the curtain.

Following the recent Tsunami in Japan it was said a lot about the hard work and the discipline of the Japanese people. In the ongoing women doubles gold medal match, the Japanese pair has been playing it with an inspiring smile despite the loss of the first game.

It seems the referees in the boxing rings are having tough time in raising the correct hand. Unfortunate for Vikas Krishnan from India! I’m sure crores of Indians would be looking forward for Vijender and Devender singh(s). Not to forget, the woman world champion in boxing, Mary Kom, is yet to start her journey at the Olympics. Best wishes to the boxing mom.

I’ve just seen another 0.02 seconds loss in cycling. We say anything can happen in a second and in Olympics it proves that whole efforts add to a loss in the matter of fraction of seconds. A pregnant woman is racing hard in the cycling arena to get gold medal for her baby. Another woman with her eight months baby in belly has participated confidently in shooting. Hats off to the to-be-mom Olympians.!

Gagan Narang’s gun had the broze bullets. The gold of last year by Abhinav Bindra is still in the good memories and the Silver from Vijay Kumar has created another memorable Olympics for the Indian shooting.

Well, more days to go at Olympics. Interesting part ahead as they are on track now. Looking forward for the Jamaicans to run the 100 meters. I’d like to end the post here with wishing Krishna Punia for the best throw of her life. Go India Go.

Lucky Win… Take Home #169

As we accept the unlucky losses we must also accept and enjoy the lucky wins.