Aug 5, 2012

4 years and 4 Days, it’s been more than just a professional life…!

What I was four years before and what I am now is what makes me thank my colleagues, my boss and Tata Motors. Keeping things simple is the best learning I’ve ever had here. I’d love to keep this post as simpler as possible.

Starting the work life right after the college life along with the college-mates does not give you a real chance to get to know the practical difficulties in understanding colleagues. Experience pops in as the time goes on which makes one conscious before calling hurdle a hurdle.

Rather than the good times, the tough times show how important it is to be tough and rightly disciplined to the point. Support in tough times cannot be forgotten. But one must take care that he or she would not get surrendered to the people who supported in tough times which might happen due to some eventual emotional reasons.

Few colleagues turn out to be good friends but again, professional relationship shall be maintained with utmost care be it with a colleague or with boss or for that matter with a friend as well.

Knowledge is always the biggest advantage. Something else supersedes in contention and that’s the communication and managerial skills. Well, people with perfect combination of all three are the complete packages every organization proudly possesses.

Being competitive all the time is important than getting succeeded and getting settled. Experienced people who always are ready to learn new things even when they are almost at the end of their long careers inspire the next generation.

All the improvement happened in me with all the learning of these years make me say that it’s been more than just a professional life. Work is part of life and what stays with and runs us whole life is the right spirit we gain.

Parents give the best moral support everywhere you go. My mom is the inspiration for me for a disciplined working style and my dad is an inspiration for me to keep doing the things of my passion as the second job though unprofitable.

That’s how it’s been and yet a lot to say.

Congratulations to my friends and colleagues who have also completed same tenure.
Experience always counts; when it fails, again experience counts to be calm, to get through and to come back.


Creativity!! said...

Fabulous Fantastic Achievement Dear :) :) Hearty Congratulations & Wish You All The Very Best Success For Your Upcoming Oceanic Achievements & Successes :) :)

Mads... said...

Congratulations dear for achieving a gr8 milestone:):) such a nice post..true in all sense..good!!

Jack said...


Good journey. I am sure you will always achieve what you aim for.

Take care

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Congrats Pramoda in achieving such a great milestone. All the best!

Anonymous said...

Congrats & all d best! :)