Aug 4, 2012

Inspire a Generation!

“Inspire a generation” is the slogan I saw on one of the banners in the ongoing Olympic telecasts and that itself is an inspiring one I would say.

Congratulations to the Olympic Medal winners (so far)!

In the pool, a 0.01 second has made the top seed miss the Gold and that’s why they say, ask an Olympic medalist if you want to know the importance of mille second. As Phelps is looking for the record 18th Gold at the games over all, I wish him all the best.

Badminton fixing racket has certainly made the real damage as one woman of the top seed pair has retired from the sport after being expelled from the games following their so called intentional loss to gamble it out for an easy quarter finals draw. Having a person who has always appreciated the sportive spirit I would go with the WBF’s decision but it’s very unfortunate to the sport. Years long efforts going in vain in undesirable way hurts, deeply hurts. Hope this would be the first and last time Olympics see such incidents.

Luck going in Nehwal’s way has been the talk of the news channels since last couple of hours. Congratulations to her for becoming the second Indian woman in the history of Olympics to win a medal for India. Gopi Chand must be the proudest coach. He could not win one but his academy is on its course to bring up many medals for India in the years to come with Saina raising the curtain.

Following the recent Tsunami in Japan it was said a lot about the hard work and the discipline of the Japanese people. In the ongoing women doubles gold medal match, the Japanese pair has been playing it with an inspiring smile despite the loss of the first game.

It seems the referees in the boxing rings are having tough time in raising the correct hand. Unfortunate for Vikas Krishnan from India! I’m sure crores of Indians would be looking forward for Vijender and Devender singh(s). Not to forget, the woman world champion in boxing, Mary Kom, is yet to start her journey at the Olympics. Best wishes to the boxing mom.

I’ve just seen another 0.02 seconds loss in cycling. We say anything can happen in a second and in Olympics it proves that whole efforts add to a loss in the matter of fraction of seconds. A pregnant woman is racing hard in the cycling arena to get gold medal for her baby. Another woman with her eight months baby in belly has participated confidently in shooting. Hats off to the to-be-mom Olympians.!

Gagan Narang’s gun had the broze bullets. The gold of last year by Abhinav Bindra is still in the good memories and the Silver from Vijay Kumar has created another memorable Olympics for the Indian shooting.

Well, more days to go at Olympics. Interesting part ahead as they are on track now. Looking forward for the Jamaicans to run the 100 meters. I’d like to end the post here with wishing Krishna Punia for the best throw of her life. Go India Go.

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Jack said...


Good updates. I am so glad that Saina won a medal. She deserves it. I am also happy about other winners. It is so nice to know that moms to be are also taking up challenges.

Take care