Aug 15, 2012

Medal, of any metal…

Olympics are done. Now it’s the time to look at the welcome every medal winner of Olympics has been getting in their respective nations. More than the moment of winning, players or I must say the winners must be getting the maximum feel of it as they receive the exhilarating welcome by their people back home.

Be it a gold or a silver or a bronze, medal of any metal is being received proudly amidst all the well deserved applauds.

As some have won back to back gold medals, some other have won medals of some metal back to back and some others have done it for the very first time in the history of games for their country. Well, the attention they have been getting and the love they have been experiencing are well deserved for all the efforts it took to march on to the podium.

Once again congratulations all the winners of any metal. You all made your countries, your people, and your coaches proud.

Jai ho, Team India of Olympics’2012. Six medals are just the start. The cricket crazy nation will now look forward for another Olympics to count the medals all again, this time at the Rio, Brazil.

Congratulations to Gagan Narang, Vijay Kumar, Saina Nehwal, Mary Kom, Yogeshwar Dut and Sushil Kumar. Four out of these six are from small town. That’s enough for the young India from the small towns to get inspired to gift the nation another memorable Olympic campaign, may be years later.

Farewell London, farewell summer Olympics’2012. Thanks for the fun and inspiration.


kaykuala said...

The Olympics gripped the imagination of everyone young and old.In no time it'll be Rio and 4 years come fast. Nice prose Pramoda!


deeps said...

Yes Olympics news is almost gone from news front…
Now New Zealand team will be in India and then world cup T20

Jack said...


They do deserve rousing welcome but we should not forget those also who did their best but could not win any medal. We should welcome them also with cheer that they do better next time.

Take care