Sep 23, 2012

Movie: Heroine – Missed Aishwarya Rai but met the actress in Kareena

Ever since Madhur Bhandarkar has announced his liking towards making Heroine I had been doubly sure that I would be watching Aishwarya Rai in one of her best roles. Her pregnancy might have been a big bash to the Bachans, but I surely was thinking of her replacement as Heroine. May be this deep wish was the main reason why I took lot of time to accept Kareena Kapoor as the leading lady on the silver screen while I was watching the movie.

The scenes which she has probably done without make-up or with a black shaded make up under her tears filled eyes were very boring in a way but very exciting since I could see the actress in Kareena. Her zero size has been a sensation but her new body size has made me go wordless.

In a way at some reels the movie tries to touch the Dirty Picture but very soon it reverts down to another variation of the Indian cinema. A bold actress from a small town could be seen in the Dirty Picture whereas an emotional lad from another small town occupies the screen throughout in this one.

In a way, I could understand from the depiction of the heroine character that the emotions are the brightest enemies one must try avoid having; especially in the professional career, of a woman in specific. Movie industry by nature is addicting to the women but by reality it’s a killer of many womanly qualities of women.

Emotional balance, emotional outrages are the best and least desirable respectively. Going hand in hand with contemporaries or strong people though does not seem interesting all the time, one has to do it to have some peaceful time. Making friends might not be that important but making enemies shall be avoided consciously.

In this movie, the director has attempted to show as much as possible and obviously failed to stress the much required. May be, I was comparing it with one of my favourite films, Fashion, at every bit. But I sincerely feel it’s nothing wrong and unavoidable. Once you have an award winning hit from a director, though you put all your efforts in watching his next movie with similar theme as just another movie, you fail. Along with you the director fails too if the screenplay is not indifferent.

Well, I’m not sure if this movie can make good impressions. Also, I’m not quite sure if Kareena can walk away with the black lady this year. Nevertheless, she might get a nomination!

Though in the beginning of the movie I was missing Aishwarya Rai, at the end I sincerely felt that it was worth missing. I could not have seen the real life’s bold and self-dependent Aishwarya Rai in a character that runs away from the Bollywood and mask her identity. I wish Bhandarkar could have ended the movie by showing up the successful run of his Heroine but he opted to show the reality which is always indigestible. He could have inspired some upcoming heroines with a different ending to the story but he opted to probably show the reality to the young aspirers.

All in all, the story reiterates at every reel that the emotional decisions always fail in professional and personal lives. Over all, movie is not that interesting! Better one next time, Bhandarkar.

Movie: BARFI!

In the recent era of the dialogue writers ‘Barfi’ could express itself far better. Being a movie with the deaf and dumb man in its leading role it has surprisingly made me think aloud, probably more than what the very famous dialogues on love made me think.

Credit goes to the director, Anurag Basu. Often experiments come out well and Barfi is the perfect example of such and an inspiration to many aspiring directors.

Eternal love is probably the motive behind the Ileana’s role. She, being a debutant in the Bollywood has surprisingly done well. Yes, it was surprising because I didn’t expect so much of expression from her. In the last scene I thought she would be taking Barfi’s deafness as an advantage to fulfill her love life but her characterization was done in such a way that you cannot stop yourself from appreciating the same.

Innocent love is something that’s impractical in today’s scenario, mostly, I must say this word. Changing attitudes of people have been changing the love birds’ hearts. Love has become more a wish than a thriving passion. Well, the very emotional love depicted between the two leading man and woman roles of the movie makes one realize how much happy one can be with the partner he or she loves and just loves.

Ranbeer Kapoor has once again done an interestingly good job. I loved his eyes and admired his smile. Priyanka Chopra has made her mark by showing why she can play any role, wear any dress, and can carry hair style. Film appeared too low budgeted yet paid every penny back or paid back more I would say.

I rate it as the best one of the season. Despite being shown in the Cricket world cup season it is doing well both at the box office and at the human hearts. What next? May be, the awards stage! Having already been nominated as India’s official entry to this year’s Oscars, the movie that has set a new trend has been very convincing in giving the director the whole credit.

Indian Olympic medalists @ endorsing brands, I see nothing wrong!

Over hundred crores of Indian population could produce few players, very few winners but unfortunately hundreds of commentators. Biggest ever Indian Olympic squad 2012 has almost met the expectations by producing the India’s biggest ever Olympic haul with six medals. The medalists are still being felicitated in the Indian contingent even after almost a month since the closing ceremony of the London games.

This time round it’s the turn of the winners from other sports than just cricket to endorse the brands. The medalists have just signed the endorsements and the commentators, through media of course, have started voicing their opinions. Most of them have said that the athletes should not get carried away with the attention that they are getting. Some of them have even said that the players should not be concentrating on endorsements and instead they should be going back to their respective fields to start practicing once again.

Every person who said this has just one reason in mind. That’s the fear they have if these players would get simply carried away!

If the endorsements alone can make players get carried away, there would not have been the Teldulkar, Beckham, Federer etc who have equally done well on and off the field.

What one must be worried now or rather must be concerned and dedicated to do is to bring out the successful examples of such players cum celebrities who can inspire the new generation for a balanced life style on and off the field. Also, the players who are being approached by the brands shall be supported by training them on how to handle the career and celebrity image. I think the coaches must also take up the job of mental ability advisors along with the role of on-field performance improvers.

A lot of self control has to be built within a person to handle success. That’s not everyone’s game! But that’s neither impossible too.

I don’t see any wrong in what the medal winners have been doing by signing the brands. Of course they have been earning crores of rupees but I look at it as the payment that they deserve to get for the years of hard work they did to be one of the bests on the international stage in their respective domains.

There were days when medal winners did die penniless in this cricket crazy nation. I see nothing wrong in earning as much as one can when he is in form.

Instead of commenting them by saying that they would be getting carried away with the success or with money, one must try his best to encourage players to manage the conditions well. Parents, partners and coaches majorly play the important role in all this. When the attitude is right you win mostly. Players shall of course introspect time to time to take care of their own careers.

Career of a successful sports person is not just of his own. Rather it inspires a million. One must remember this all the time and live.

Sep 22, 2012

Giving space fills the gap… Take Home #179

Being in a relationship does not mean staying with each other round the clock. Sometimes both have to stay away from each other for each other and also for the others involved with both of them too.

Giving each other necessary space fills the gap to a wider extent.

At different stages of life…

At different stages of our lives we have to be different.

We go child during the starting years. School days go perfect and remain the best forever. College makes one realize the magic of friendship and friends of this period remain for life in some cases. Early years of career needs your full attention whereas the later years of it demands your performance. Early years of relationship needs your time and the later stages of it needs your understanding.

At different stages of life different set of emotions and realizations wave at you. One has to be up to the mark and different from situation to situation to meet the expectations of life and people.

Sep 16, 2012

There is a way… Take Home #178

There is a way not just when there is a will but also when there is no other way too.

Sep 12, 2012

Presence of mind… Take Home #177

From the person who takes decisions you can learn how to take decisions. From the person who does not take decisions you can learn how to avoid taking decisions. Every learning is important. Every learning can be used in a better way provided you have the presence of mind.

Sep 8, 2012

He who questions… Take Home #176

He who just follows and he who questions, understands and then follows may reach the same goal. But the later reaches it with better learning and satisfaction.

Sep 6, 2012

Sep 5, 2012

The Important... Take Home #174

It’s very much interesting to know what others think of you but that’s not important. What’s important is to have clarity on how would you like others to remember you and to work towards the same.

Sep 4, 2012

Being true to oneself… Take Home #173

Both judging and being judged are painful at given point of times. Being true to oneself gives a kind of relief in such circumstances.

Sep 2, 2012

Tip to stay motivated…

When the people whom you respect the most say to you something demotivating, before getting demotivated better make sure if they meant it or said it for a different purpose. It’s worthy enough to speak to them again on it or you yourself think thrice about it.

It takes hell lot of efforts to gain motivation. Put every effort to retain all that and stay motivated. If required, ignore what is said and move on. Not anyone can control what they say at all the times.

Most importantly, remember the fact that not all have the skill to keep their lads motivated with their doings or wordings. It’s the limitation of them. Someone else’s limitation shall never be your weakness. You go for it at any cost. Win will be yours ultimately.

National Sports day, India, August 29th

It’s my mom who first told me that the August 29th is celebrated as Sports day. Only after browsing through Google I came to know that every year on the occasions of India’s greatest ever hockey player, Major Dhyanchand’s birthday, India celebrates National Sports Day.

I watched the sports awards function live telecasted from the Rastrapathi Bhavan. Awards such as Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, Arjuna, Dronacharya, Life time achievement and Dhyanchand award etc were bestowed on the various sports talents of the country. I’d like to congratulate the winners. What caught me the best was the happiness of the parents or well wishers of the award winning players who expressed their happiness, some with tears in eyes.

I’d like to put few things what I noticed during the awards function.

The new President Mr. Pranab Mukharjee was smile-less though needless to know why. Indian culture or whatever, he did not shake hands with the women players. I feel shaking hand is a good way of communication and doing the same with special people like Presidents at special occasions makes the moments very memorable and inspiring. Hope Mr. President will do it sometime in his tenure.

As the deserved players and coaches got the awards I felt the sheer loss of not having some worthy candidates in the list. Here I go.

It’s surprising to see Gary Christian not being in the list of Dronacharya award winners despite being the coach who inspired India to its favourite world cup win on home soil. At least Yuvi could get the Arjuna after a long career, that’s bit relaxing for fans and for him as well, as he is back in town after fighting out the scary disease.

The Indian women Kabaddi team coach made it to the Dronacharyas’ list no woman player however could be there on the function. Something to think about!

Despite the team of Indian National Game performed one of the worst ever at the Olympics, its coach managed to get an award. Well, we know it. Felicitating the persons from some domains is mandatory in India.

Most interesting moment was when the awards to the physically challenged people were given away. A lot to learn from the players’ sportive spirit and the mental ability!
Well, that’s all about it. Once again congratulations to the winners.

One thing kept on pinching me. Why the awards are not given twice, thrice? There would be a solid reason but does not the mere fact pinches the players that you get the best award once and you have nothing to get later on, that too if it happens at the starting stage of the career you will never be able to make it to the awards stage in life time unless for life time achievement? Anyway, there have been many questioned better left unanswered, better consider this as one of them.