Sep 23, 2012

Movie: BARFI!

In the recent era of the dialogue writers ‘Barfi’ could express itself far better. Being a movie with the deaf and dumb man in its leading role it has surprisingly made me think aloud, probably more than what the very famous dialogues on love made me think.

Credit goes to the director, Anurag Basu. Often experiments come out well and Barfi is the perfect example of such and an inspiration to many aspiring directors.

Eternal love is probably the motive behind the Ileana’s role. She, being a debutant in the Bollywood has surprisingly done well. Yes, it was surprising because I didn’t expect so much of expression from her. In the last scene I thought she would be taking Barfi’s deafness as an advantage to fulfill her love life but her characterization was done in such a way that you cannot stop yourself from appreciating the same.

Innocent love is something that’s impractical in today’s scenario, mostly, I must say this word. Changing attitudes of people have been changing the love birds’ hearts. Love has become more a wish than a thriving passion. Well, the very emotional love depicted between the two leading man and woman roles of the movie makes one realize how much happy one can be with the partner he or she loves and just loves.

Ranbeer Kapoor has once again done an interestingly good job. I loved his eyes and admired his smile. Priyanka Chopra has made her mark by showing why she can play any role, wear any dress, and can carry hair style. Film appeared too low budgeted yet paid every penny back or paid back more I would say.

I rate it as the best one of the season. Despite being shown in the Cricket world cup season it is doing well both at the box office and at the human hearts. What next? May be, the awards stage! Having already been nominated as India’s official entry to this year’s Oscars, the movie that has set a new trend has been very convincing in giving the director the whole credit.

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Sunakshi said...

To be frank I didn't like it much.Over rated it seemed.No doubt Ranbir kapoor once again made me fall in love :D LOL