Sep 23, 2012

Movie: Heroine – Missed Aishwarya Rai but met the actress in Kareena

Ever since Madhur Bhandarkar has announced his liking towards making Heroine I had been doubly sure that I would be watching Aishwarya Rai in one of her best roles. Her pregnancy might have been a big bash to the Bachans, but I surely was thinking of her replacement as Heroine. May be this deep wish was the main reason why I took lot of time to accept Kareena Kapoor as the leading lady on the silver screen while I was watching the movie.

The scenes which she has probably done without make-up or with a black shaded make up under her tears filled eyes were very boring in a way but very exciting since I could see the actress in Kareena. Her zero size has been a sensation but her new body size has made me go wordless.

In a way at some reels the movie tries to touch the Dirty Picture but very soon it reverts down to another variation of the Indian cinema. A bold actress from a small town could be seen in the Dirty Picture whereas an emotional lad from another small town occupies the screen throughout in this one.

In a way, I could understand from the depiction of the heroine character that the emotions are the brightest enemies one must try avoid having; especially in the professional career, of a woman in specific. Movie industry by nature is addicting to the women but by reality it’s a killer of many womanly qualities of women.

Emotional balance, emotional outrages are the best and least desirable respectively. Going hand in hand with contemporaries or strong people though does not seem interesting all the time, one has to do it to have some peaceful time. Making friends might not be that important but making enemies shall be avoided consciously.

In this movie, the director has attempted to show as much as possible and obviously failed to stress the much required. May be, I was comparing it with one of my favourite films, Fashion, at every bit. But I sincerely feel it’s nothing wrong and unavoidable. Once you have an award winning hit from a director, though you put all your efforts in watching his next movie with similar theme as just another movie, you fail. Along with you the director fails too if the screenplay is not indifferent.

Well, I’m not sure if this movie can make good impressions. Also, I’m not quite sure if Kareena can walk away with the black lady this year. Nevertheless, she might get a nomination!

Though in the beginning of the movie I was missing Aishwarya Rai, at the end I sincerely felt that it was worth missing. I could not have seen the real life’s bold and self-dependent Aishwarya Rai in a character that runs away from the Bollywood and mask her identity. I wish Bhandarkar could have ended the movie by showing up the successful run of his Heroine but he opted to show the reality which is always indigestible. He could have inspired some upcoming heroines with a different ending to the story but he opted to probably show the reality to the young aspirers.

All in all, the story reiterates at every reel that the emotional decisions always fail in professional and personal lives. Over all, movie is not that interesting! Better one next time, Bhandarkar.


Jack said...


Read both movie reviews. I will surely make an effort to see Barfi, and that too in movie hall.

Take care

Sunakshi said...

I'm yet to watch heroine. :)
Going on Thursday.No expectations after reading this :D