Sep 2, 2012

Tip to stay motivated…

When the people whom you respect the most say to you something demotivating, before getting demotivated better make sure if they meant it or said it for a different purpose. It’s worthy enough to speak to them again on it or you yourself think thrice about it.

It takes hell lot of efforts to gain motivation. Put every effort to retain all that and stay motivated. If required, ignore what is said and move on. Not anyone can control what they say at all the times.

Most importantly, remember the fact that not all have the skill to keep their lads motivated with their doings or wordings. It’s the limitation of them. Someone else’s limitation shall never be your weakness. You go for it at any cost. Win will be yours ultimately.


Jack said...


One should not stop working hard to achieve what one wants to due to such factors. There are many persons who say demotivating things without giving it a thought.

Take care


A fine line: Someone else’s limitation shall never be your weakness.