Oct 28, 2012

Important Contributors! Take Home #185

Some people know how to solve. Some people know how to make the people work who know how to solve. Both are important contributors in the successful run of any organization or team.

Oct 27, 2012

Two ways!

There are two ways to deal with the things. Either to go with people and take no tension or go by yourself and learn to fight the tension.

I choose the later. And you?

In the former case you will move forward and in the later case you will grow.

It’s all in you… Take Home #184

The easier you get demoralized the easier you make the job of people who want to demoralize you. It’s all in you. Manage it out.

Build your career… Take Home #183

Build your career of yourself by yourself and for yourself. Believe me, it’s absolute pleasure doing the same rather than keeping hands crossed and waiting for someone to come for your rescue who never comes or I would say none of that sort exists.

Not that none turns up but there is no one to turn up.

People with whom you shall never fight!

In professional life, there is no one with whom you cannot share your sincere opinion. But, there stays few people with whom you shall never fight. Identifying such right people at right time is the most important job. Later, respecting your own choices is tricky. Because the moment you decide not to fight you lose the opportunity of winning things your way with such people.

Changing choices is always a choice but then your personal integrity comes onboard and wouldn’t let you do the same; may not be every time but definitely at times.

Oct 26, 2012

Hints the clarity!

It’s good that a man speaks his heart but it’s important that a woman speaks her heart.
In the still male dominated world, women do get very few chances to speak their heart out. Every woman shall utilize this opportunity such that she makes the most out of it. Moreover, men would be men whatever you say or do but when a woman expresses her sincere opinion to him, there will be a chance or rather a hope that he gives second thought for sure.
This not just builds the relationships stronger but also hints the clarity in a relationship.

The best way to argue… Take Home #182

The best way to argue is to put forward the argument and to try the least to win.

Be strong and become stronger… Take Home #181

Before expecting your loved ones to come to you and share their problems try to be stronger everyday and give your best to become further stronger day by day.

Oct 9, 2012

Listening, a skill too... Take Home #180

At times,you should listen to what you have to listen in what others say and otherwise you should listen to what others say.

Listening, a skill too.