Oct 26, 2012

Hints the clarity!

It’s good that a man speaks his heart but it’s important that a woman speaks her heart.
In the still male dominated world, women do get very few chances to speak their heart out. Every woman shall utilize this opportunity such that she makes the most out of it. Moreover, men would be men whatever you say or do but when a woman expresses her sincere opinion to him, there will be a chance or rather a hope that he gives second thought for sure.
This not just builds the relationships stronger but also hints the clarity in a relationship.


Jack said...


Read 3 posts now. I second you on all these.

Take care

KParthasarathi said...

I thought men speak from their heads while women from their hearts.Any thought from head alone without being balanced by heart tend to be less humane and the converse less practical.A happy blend gives substance to relationships.