Nov 29, 2012

Professional Satisfaction... Take Home #187

Whatever may be the profession one is in, making people remember for what one has done or for the way one deals with things is the best way to gain ultimate professional satisfaction and inspiration.

When to cry and when not to... Take Home #186

It's not that one shall learn not to cry at all, but one shall learn from his experiences, when to cry and when not to, for what to cry and for what not to, for whom to cry and for whom one shall not or need not to.


In the recent times, a month passes away and my blog does not get updated seems to be another wonder for myself. 

Well, it's been long one read new posts/thoughts of mine. But certainly, i've no regrets this time for this. I deliberately have done this by not accessing internet during my Diwali vacation.

Vacation without internet had been very refreshing. I advice everyone to try this out once in a while considering the never mind attitude we all have towards accessing internet 24x7. 

With that I will sign off for now and will write about my thoughts that i had been through during the vacation in the posts to come.

Hope you all are doing well, and take care!