Nov 29, 2012


In the recent times, a month passes away and my blog does not get updated seems to be another wonder for myself. 

Well, it's been long one read new posts/thoughts of mine. But certainly, i've no regrets this time for this. I deliberately have done this by not accessing internet during my Diwali vacation.

Vacation without internet had been very refreshing. I advice everyone to try this out once in a while considering the never mind attitude we all have towards accessing internet 24x7. 

With that I will sign off for now and will write about my thoughts that i had been through during the vacation in the posts to come.

Hope you all are doing well, and take care! 

1 comment:

Jack said...


Yes, it is so refreshing to be without internet or even mobile for some time. Why even no telephone to disturb one while connecting to self.

Take care