Dec 22, 2012

A day passed by!

Not the end but a new beginning has happened I guess. A thought that makes one thoughtful before believing and eventually worrying about ‘end of the world’ would have got planted into everyone. When something big happens or when something big is expected and does not happen, we tend to realize that we can actually handle the ‘big’, whatever it is and however it comes. If this is true and would have happened to all the living ones, with mind and thoughts, ‘End of the world’ scar has taken its toll in terms of eliminating the related fear.
21st Dec, 2012, for me has just passed by like twenty odd days with same date happened in my life so far. Of course, everyday is a new experience and this is no different too. Mixed feelings and emotions gone by. Good and bad.  Sweet and little bitter!
Sharing about the events that you treasure with people whom you treasure always fills the heart with niceness.
Welcoming new people into life with full and open heart makes life go easy thereafter.
Experience is always good; it’s not always required that your past experience should match with what you are going to do in future. Experience from diverse fields is very powerful and definitely makes you appear different from conventional, in whatever you attempt.
Being able to share each other’s work topics makes a couple understand each other better.
Well, that’s all for now.


Jack said...


There was no need to get worried as if end of the world had to come none of us could have stopped it. We should carry on with whatever we do with belief let whatever has to happen, happen. Your advice, specially second and third, are very good.

Take care

Arv said...

well said :)