Dec 12, 2012

And the 12th post on 12-12-12

So, this is it. This is the 12th post for this day with the historic date. Thought of doing something different on this 12-12-12 and wanted to post 12 posts on this special day. I’m happy that I could successfully do it.

12-12-12 will never be seen in our lives again, never. For that matter, 11-12-12 or any date cannot be seen again in our lives. But we celebrate some days, by paying them special attention. I see nothing wrong or crazy in it. Like that way we like Sachin for some of centuries he has made and not necessarily for all, we like and notice some of the dates for the way they appear specially.

11-11-11 brought lot of buzz about the Bachchan couple planning their baby due date on that day. Though it never happened, that definitely covered up bit of the time for the news channels. I don’t remember what I did special that day but today it’s been gone good.

I enjoy writing. As I wrote the marathon posts today, I realize that I can actually express on a lot of things every day. I mean, we all can express our views, opinions etc. There need not always the inhibitions that stop us from expressing ourselves, at times, we just go by the life the way it goes. It might be just that we do not feel the importance of expressing ourselves. Whether we realize it or not, it’s important for every one of us to communicate our views in a way or other. Years back I chose the blog way. I’ve always felt happy about it and will still be keep doing it.

Anyway, that’s all for the day, on this Wednesday. Incidentally, it happened on ‘a Wednesday’.

12-12-12... Thank you and Bye!

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Jack said...


And the Gold for Marathon Posts goes to Pramoda. Congratulations. So true, some dates do have attraction as these come only once in a century.

Take care

PS : Caught up with all pending posts.