Dec 12, 2012

Book: Can love happen twice?

Author: Ravinder Singh

It’s especially when I read novels, especially love stories, the book does not appear to have been read at all. I read the novel that’s quick and with no patches even here and there. I completed the author’s debut novel “I too had a love story” on a Saturday night amidst tears. I’ve completed his second book, much-awaited one as the cover page says, “Can love happen twice?” on a Sunday afternoon while having my almost cleaned lunch plate in front of me and flipping through the pages with my left hand fingers.

The story interested me only to clear off my fear thinking ‘not again!’

Ravin is an emotional writer and that’s need not be said after his first novel. But the second one, again proves that he is an emotional writer, considering which he can write the emotions he has experienced! I’m not sure if he has gone through the other story in his life again but to me it appears to be a commercial trick. Or as he mentioned in the foreword, it could be a good mixture of incidents from many lives and a twist that’s generated to end the tale not sad, again.

Coming to the title, I liked it. It doesn’t unravel the last few lines of this novel in which all the ending lies. At the same time it keeps you on your toes thinking if it can happen! Credit goes to the one who chose this.

I feel and believe love happens once. Either you were not in love or you are not in love when you say you love two. First love, can it happen twice? With no doubts, knowing the minimum mathematics of 1st standard, one can say that it does not happen twice. Having said that love happens once, I will also have to say that ‘first love’, again going by logics, does not exist; all it exists is only ‘love’.

A sole kind has been missing in the whole read of this book; a sole, that loves a girl deep to its core; a sole that probes one to do anything, crazy or serious, for its girl.

There is a certain disadvantage of success. Your next encounter will be undergone a post-mortem only to throw all the bad shoes at you to make you realize that you are not up to the mark, which you have set for yourself and for many.

Otherwise, seeing the novel by isolating it from its sister novel, it appeared as a practical love story in which two different mind sets, brought ups, wishes, aspirations of a love pair are involved. But what I didn’t like or could not get satisfied with this story is its one-sided narration from a boy’s point of view. Though he mentions that he has discussed about his future plans with the girl many times but without mentioning about it even once in the whole plot, it seemed very odd for me accept it as it is.

On the whole, it’s a good read, just to read and not to think much about it later on. If you do otherwise, you will anyway realize later that it’s too much to think too much about love happening for the second time. Forgetting the first love is impossible. One may overcome the pain it caused but the memories always revolve around.


Jack said...


First love happens only once. If that fails then one may fall in love again but there will always be comparison with First Love. Those memories are not forgettable.

Take care

Malabika Mahajan said...

The first things happening in life is always treasureable since it gives you that first moment of the very emotion not felt before,

Malabika Mahajan said...

The first of any things are always treasurable,