Dec 29, 2012

Book: Many Lives, Many Masters

Author: Dr. Brian Weiss
Having been a person with no faith in afterlife, souls, spirit world etc I chose to read this book to understand how strong my belief against these was. I came out fine at the end. I still do not have belief in them.
First is first. One good thing I observed in this book, in the try the author has put in, is the thought that he insistently projected that having belief in afterlife will make you vibrant with the fact that there is no death and even after your soul leaves your body it still can get back to another to do a brand new start all over again. With that, as he mentions, people start losing the fear of death. May be, true. But I have a point to be clarified. If people are so connected with their lives, people, emotions, and surroundings, who and who get satisfied with the fact that he will born again amidst another world, following which he has to start everything again, every reputation has to be built once again? As I understand it, we all get connected to this life considering the dreams we want to achieve, people we want to keep happy, and reputation we long for. If death takes away all these, though you will born again, as some believe, who the hell will be satisfied with that? Not me, definitely.
In the book, which is claimed as the collection of real incidents happened, the author claims that the woman of the book has had eighty five past life times. Also the master soul, through this woman though, spoke to him in between. That we all have to live until what we are sent to learn. That after getting a broader understanding your soul will be rested ultimately. Why someone has to rest the soul that has learnt everything? I have more questions on same topic which I would like to discuss with someone having wider knowledge on this and I do want to appear this post a question bank.
Reading this particular book has been a very different experience out of all the books I read so far. This choice has ignited an interest to read books on diverse topics. I have planned to do so in the days to come.
You may choose to read this book if you feel that you can withstand the weird looks in search of the unknown that you have to give around you bed room while you lay down on bed with this book opened in your hands. You may choose this book if you feel you can walk along at mid of the night in your home while you are at mid way through the book. Or otherwise, choose this book if you just want to understand yourself how much you can withstand the fearful thoughts.
Well, this book is not that frightening too. Choose it if you wish to add a different experience to your kitty.

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Jack said...


It is a belief which we can not totally ignore or agree to. I would compare this to belief in God whom none of us have seen.

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