Dec 12, 2012

Book: Saina Nehwal

Author: Saina Nehwal

Gopi sir was so emotional when I met him. He said, ‘Saina, you have given me what I have long dreamt of. Thank you.’

I’ve always worshiped the relationship of a coach and the player. This book, though not in elaboration, has given me further reason to love this relationship more than before. Coach seeks his dreams to come true through his player. Though the situation of Gopi Chand is nothing different from this, one incident which happened years ago makes me mention this specially.

In 2001, when he won the All England Championships, his felicitation function was arranged in our school ground. I incidentally happened to be at home same time on a vacation, probably it was the home sick vacation during my first year of Intermediate. My school teachers went on to stage to give bouquet to Gopi Chand and wish him and along with them my mom too, who is one of the staff members. She told me later that she had wished him on his success and told him “you must win an Olympic medal” for which he replied “I will try my best”.

Every player wishes and tried to win an Olympic medal but few win. That’s, sometimes, seems more than enough for a player and to his coach. Hope this coach-player due does not mind to try more and turn the bronze to gold.

Unlike any other auto biographies or biographies of players I read, this book resembles the simplicity of Saina and her brought-up. With absolutely no commercialization, it seemed a kind of blog-read showcasing Saina’s likes, choices, routines, opinions about other players and even her kit details.

She is still young. That’s probably the reason why she has no inhibitions in writing her heart out, about her early age, parents, their sacrifices, Mummy’s strong will and wishes etc. What she mentioned about her elder sister brought a certain respect towards her. It’s not just how to be dedicated about a chosen field, but being parents, how to encourage children to go achieve the heights is also can be learnt from this book. Hats off to Saina’s Papa and Mummy!

I’ve always mentioned my opinion that there is nothing wrong in players doing endorsements and gathering sponsorships. To my amusement, Saina is so sincere and frank in accepting the fact that she does all these for money. That’s needed to have better training, physique and of course a well deserved enjoyment.

Having been attached with the game for years now, Saina should start thinking about after-play-life after some more time from now. She has still got some golden years ahead to keep inspiring the Indian young generation to pick shuttle and rocket, not just as their time pass but a profession, career.

I wish her a very successful career ahead. Hope she continues her consistency.

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Jack said...


A coach is one who feels totally satisfied when his or her ward wins. Hope and pray that she wins Gold next time.

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