Dec 12, 2012

Gold purchase vs Grocery shopping

I’d been to a vendor of gold ornaments during the vacation along with mom. At the counter I saw people carrying heavy bags out of which the money is taken out and pain at the counters. In return they would get the gold that weight less than the empty bag does, same bag in which they brought the money that had been taken out from ATMs/banks etc.

On contrary, grocery shopping has still not reached that tremendous trauma stage. You can still manage to get huge, though only by weight.

Gold is among the best that’s being talked about in the market. Especially in the recent times it’s on its peak. Marriages, especially south Indian ones, cannot be expected without purchase of gold. Also, during the same, the showcasing of gold happens in a most glittering way. This season has been one of the best for marriages. I say this based on the news that’s scrolled under that in a day, in Hyderabad, there have happened thirty thousand marriages. Marriage season brings seasonal business to the gold vendors and I think that’s the best business as well.

I heard from mom that the sales men in the gold shops are paid at least twenty thousand per month. That’s nothing less. I met a sales person in the shop when I went along with mom. He said that it’s his part time job and he is a student pursuing his MBA. Not a bad idea at all.

Nothing left than hopping that rupee do well in the months to come and the prices come back on track.

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You want the grocery to be as costly?

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