Dec 20, 2012

In hope of a new beginning…!

With just an hour to go for the calendar date to get changed to 21st December, the tea-time hot topic of these days at office has been lingering inside me. That’s about End of the World – threat.
Although NASA has confirmed the unlikeliest arrival of the ‘End’, it seems the ‘2012’ movie has done enough damage to our thoughts already. I’m not sure what must be going on at the moment in the million minds of Americans or Californians, which was the first city to go down in the movie.
As I presume it and believe, we will all see the 22nd Dec in a day’s time.
May be, it’s an ill effect of all the discussion of these days that my sub-conscious mind takes me to the Tsunami mid at the night. In last week I had to wake up to the Tsunami dream twice! Couple of days before Ricky Pointing to announce his retirement, I had a dream in which he announced his retirement. The moment I mentioned this across the lunch table at office, one of my friends and a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar immediately asked me if I had also seen a dream in which Sachin retired. As I myself being a big fan of Sachin, the moment I read about Ricky’s retirement in news paper, I requested my sub-conscious mind never to give me such dream. It does not mean I would never want Tendulkar to retire but I never want to witness it well before he actually retires. Coming back, I would also have to control my dreamy mind to stop showing the raising Tsunamis.
 Have a happy day ahead, 21st Dec, 2012. In hope of a new beginning, I sign off.


Devilish Angel said...

:) Happy 2013 !!!

Jack said...


May God be kind. There may be some mishap, hope not very big one.

Take care