Dec 2, 2012

Movie: English Vinglish

On the lunch table at office, one of the senior colleagues mentioned an interesting thing.

“If you watch two movies a year, watch “English Vinglish” twice”

A woman does everything for her husband and family, in the sense, arranging the daily needs, maintaining the harmony of the family, kids, household things, etc and etc. In return all she gets or rather, can get is the love of her family. She binds everyone and expected to get bonded well, and nothing wrong in the expectation. Apart from this, a woman, like any other human being, though a house-wife, expects a little respect and caring too; respect that makes her do more what she regularly does and care that she feels the completeness.

What happens when her feelings get deeply hurt? Especially when her own children and husband do not care for her, and humiliate her for her weaknesses every now and then without eyeing on her efforts that she put for them, with whom will she share or how will she a territory for herself in the hearts of her family members?

The answer lies within and that’s depicted in the movie very interestingly and naturally by the lady director and the ever beautiful and talented actress, Sridevi.

Sometimes you get deep into trouble and humiliation, no one helps you, and that’s when you have to help yourself.

It’s been long I’ve seen this movie and hence I’m not sure how much correctly I reproduced the above dialogue but I loved the way both Sridevi and the director said it in the movie. That’s very correct with no further analysis needed. Help yourself to stand as one in hundred.

Lot patience is needed to run a family and to be giving encouraging life to the naughty kids especially when they are at their earlier ages. I learnt this from one of the scenes from the movie.

Come back films have been many and “English Vinglish” stands one in hundred too. Sridevi, who never needed to add her husband’s name to hers to be aware in the crowd, is looked amazingly homely and beautiful in the movie. The screen play is one of the intelligent and attractive ones of these days’ movies.

I don’t remember noticing people standing and not able to go out of the theater while supporting staff’s names getting scrolled on the screen at the end. Of course, some of the scenes from the shooting time were getting played too but that’s when you cannot stop yourself from appreciating the director’s thinking. And not just that, as the Indian film world’s most cherished actress comes back to silver screen after a long gap, people could not miss her acting even though it was for the last couple minutes after “The End”.

Marriage and its bonding have been unquestionably portrayed in the speech that the lady in the lead role gives at the end.

Really, a must watch movie for every member of a family. I enjoyed every bit of entertainment in it.


Jack said...


You have convinced me to see this movie. I always tell one who says she is just a housewife that she has a full time job without any appreciation, remuneration or holidays. And it is a fact, isn't it?

Take care

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

I too loved every bit of this film. Sree Devi's performance was simply mind blowing. And yes, you've totally nailed it with this post, good one Pramoda.

Pria said...

Loved the movie and you have described her very well.