Dec 30, 2012

Movie: Life of Pi - An Amaze

I rate ‘Life of pi’ the best among all the 3D movies I’ve seen so far. I’ve not seen ‘Avatar’ in 3D hence cannot compare with it.
Life amidst the blue waters and hungry lion might not be the one that one can survive for longer. But the boy in the movie did it for days, more than almost half of a year. The liberty in fiction is used to the fullest extent in this movie or rather in the related book.
Frankly, I could not get the soul of the movie even after reading the respective Wikipedia page further to watching it on screen. May be I have to buy the book and read it twice, as I foresee, to get to know the actual plot. I thought I would get to know what I could not or did not understand in the theater by bringing up this topic on lunch table at office. Also, by doing which I thought I might be able to escape wearing the cap of those who do not actually understand the Hollywood movies yet pay all the money for the sake of saying that they had watched them. But I was wrong and had to confess at last as I came to know that I was just another person who didn’t understand it and earlier to me, the people who sat next to me on lunch table too were the similar sufferers. In the movie I had to hear two stories out of which the choice was left to the author at the end and to the spectator too of course. And here, on the lunch table, I had to hear two more stories from different people who understood it differently. Finally I gave up my try in the yummy taste of the once-in-a-year-tasty type’s lunch.
Keeping my inability apart, the director’s work in terms of showing different seasons and their affects and after-effects on the lone boat, boy and lion is very much appreciable. The graphics of the fish ponds mid at the night amazed me. The lesson the boy was taught by his father was true to the deepest. Indian religious tradition and a common child’s take on the same have been depicted very convincingly at the start.
I loved the 3D effects though at some scenes I had to tightly close my eyes, especially when the tiger roared. The black 3D glasses saved me from being visible of my eye-closing moments. With that, to an extent, I was too sure that I would definitely have colleagues in the neighborhood where the black glasses were ruling from the front.
Before I sign off, I would like to give full appreciation to the story writer and the thoughtful work that has stuck the world with its amaze.    

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Frank review. I have not seen this,so I can not say much.

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