Dec 8, 2012

Movie: Talaash: The answer lies within

Going by its gesture and not by its concept, Aamir Khan’s recent bash, Talaash, kept me timeless for anything else, except for breathing, for two hours on the Sunday morning.

In short this movie is a perfect one-time watch.

Somehow I’ve started liking the morning shows on Sundays. One, they cost less. Two, they give exciting Saturday night. And three, they don’t pain even though the movie is not good, obviously due to the less ticket cost.

Coming back, Talaash is well composed of suspense, thrill, pain and myths. With no doubt, credit goes to the director. Aamir khan, one of the finest artists Indian Cinema possesses, has done enough once again. Kareena Kapoor Khan looked stunningly beautiful. Raani Mukharjee, in a housewife character, perfectly glued to the emotions.

Nothing major to write about this movie, as you know, its suspense type does not allow much. I have waited a whole week to pen down this post such that by now, I felt, I could hope that many of you would have watched the movie already. If not yet, don’t proceed reading this post any further. Please consider this as a sincere disclaimer.

As a person having no belief in the spirit world, I didn’t much enjoy the concept of the movie. In fact, the end or rather the concept of the climax disappointed me. I’m not sure if it was because I had been expecting more practicality or because I had not expected such climax. But for sure, I was wordless with the way the suspense got cleared towards the end of the movie. It seemed like a conventional Bollywood movie finish, as towards the end we come to know that the key point of the story revolves around something that does not seem to be so practical and usual!

But as a person having belief in the humanity, the reason behind the concept seemed ok, not perfect though. It seemed ok because they left her wounded all alone on the road at mid of the night but seemed not perfect because they had called a man for her help by taking the responsibility as they had to save themselves from the endanger, being celebrity dudes.

However, the way the incidents have been connected throughout the movie is good. Credit goes to the brilliant direction and the intelligent script. I’m proud that both the director and the dialogue writer are women.

If I have to choose one between Kahaani and Talaash, I would choose Kahaani for its twist at the end which seemed more human and practical. With that, it goes without saying, I’m awaiting Kahaani-2.

On the whole, as I said earlier, Talaash is a perfect one-time watch.

One more, to be frank, I could not completely correlate to the tag line of this movie! ‘Within’, how to understand this w.r.t. the story? Let me know if you get it.


Jack said...


Balanced review. I may watch it.

Take care

gopi nath said...
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gopi nath said...

This is how i understood. Not completely convinced myself,though...

In the movie, Aamir Khan says several times में उसकेलिए तलाश कर रहा हूँ!
but he buries in investigation to escape the bitterness in his life.

He finds out the truth(can be read as reason for his son's death) by his thoughts and NOT by his actions(investigation)...

So, the truth is WITHIN!

Sabi Sunshine said...

Hi Pramoda

I watched Jab tak hai Jaan lately and loved it ... I must watch this too, seems like a good movie too.

Sabi Sunshine