Dec 28, 2012

Mr. Ratan Tata - A life, lived

You and I can definitely not estimate how it feels to be the Chairman of the tea-to-telecom, the Tata, brand, unless you actually put yourself into the Chairman’s shoes. Keeping apart what the Chairman has to do to manage the business deals, being the Chairman of such a big and prestigious brand itself is one of the biggest responsibilities, which has been bravely taken up and inspiringly worked out by Mr. Ratan Naval Tata.
Hats off! And I know, that’s insufficiently said by me for what he has done as a man, as a chairman and as a Tata son for India.
For two decades he has served the nation’s biggest and highly loved brand. There is a great privilege in itself.
He has lived a life of his as if it’s his country’s, and as if it’s his organization’s. Acquisitions of global brands and collaborations with some of the world’s best partners happened in his era stand out for years to come, which also can prove the best for the organization.
A brave man was seen in him when he handled the situation during the terrorist attack just as any other calamity. His heart pumps humanity. His service to the people of this nation through different ways is very much unforgettable.
Having been part of Tata’s organization for last four and half years I feel proud for being so and will love to continue being so.
I wish to read his biography or autobiography. I feel he shall whole heartedly opt for going for a book on his life. That can inspire the generations to come, which at the present scenario, is the very best medicine to our country and to the entrepreneurs-to-be.  
With that, I dedicate this post to Mr. Ratan N Tata, one of the few persons whom I respect the most.
PS: Five years back on same day (28th Dec) i got selected for Tata Motors in campus placement. Same day in the present year, Mr. Ratan Tata has retired as Chairman, Tata Sons.  Just a coincidence!
I saw him at Tata Motors today. So many people surrounded his convoy that it brought a kind of Goosebumps to me thinking what Mr. Tata must be going through seeing all that!

Ahhh! A life lived.

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Jack said...


He has been or rather is still an example for all. Hats off to him.

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