Dec 12, 2012

My talle of 'Hide and Seek'

My stomach has been playing a game called ‘hungry’ in which Hide and Seek have been playing the lead roles.

Funny! But this is the reality of my snack-story. “Hide & Seek” is probably the most bought biscuits by me in the recent years. This revelation does not appear strange to those who sit or sat very next to me in office. I like the taste of Cadbury and when I get to eat the hard Cadbury types, I jump on it. I can eat it for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, late-night catch up etc and etc.

With that, should I mention again that I do not like to share it much, be it with any? Not that I’m giving indication to all, especially to those who sit next to me. Just, I’m scribbling my way.

Recently, there has been another release of H&S, i.e. H&S Fab. I didn’t like it when I first ate it. I’m yet to try them for the second time hence I do not have much to say about them.

That’s all about it.

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Jack said...


Waiting to know about H & S Fab.

Take care