Dec 23, 2012

National Maths day…

Mom, a mathematics teacher by profession, told me that this year was announced as ‘National Maths year’ and yesterday was National Maths Day.
My mom taught me Maths in school. Until then I was not somehow convenient with this subject. Many of my mom’s students used to tell me that she was their favourite teacher and that she used to make them feel Maths an easy subject. I never realized, though she used to teach me at home, that she was so good in teaching. When she started teaching us she became my favourite teacher too.  
On the National Maths Day I wish my mom, all match teachers, professors, every single person giving his contributions to the growth of Maths in this country a very happy Maths Day.
Srinivasa Ramanujan, an Indian mathematician lived for just 32 years and still achieved like none, contributed like no other Indian to the field of mathematics. On the eve of his 125th birth day i.e. Dec 22nd 2012, Indian government has decided to celebrate the year as National Maths Year. Hats off and thanks to this man! Wish he lived for many more years and achieved much more.


Jack said...


My compliments to your mother.

Take care

Mads... said...

great to know that this day did exist..good yr.! kuddos to yr too loved of my all time favourite subjects..:):)