Dec 12, 2012

Rajinikant: The Only Super Star!

It’s his birthday today and I take the privilege to wish him many more happy returns of the day. Hope, for his fans, he would ever continue as ‘The Super Star”.

With no required background or support if some people entered the Cinema field and could still manage to get the super star image, Rajinikant, as per me, tops the list in the contemporary times. As an actor, as a human being, he has always been his fans’ best choice.

It happens rarely that a super star is not just known for his stardom but for his everlasting humbleness too. After all these years of glory, he still prefers to be his own helper in many aspects during the shoots. I’ve read it somewhere and thought about it for relatively long time after that.

Having been the contemporary of Kamal Hasan, another talented and most happening actor of same time, Rajinikant could still lay his way out to the super star spot. That’s something from which we all shall be learning a lot. With no known setbacks between the duo in their long and still running careers, both deserve equal complement.

I’ve seen some of my friends watching Rajinikant’s movies again and again and again just because it’s a Rajinikant’s starrer. I don’t call it too much. I see a certain unachievable thing in it; i.e. a man’s achievement of so many hearts of so many religions and of so many diversified lifestyles. He unites. His style, his action, his dance, every bit from him on the screen makes the audience go nuts in front of the screen.

How wonderful it is when so many people celebrate your birthday as if it’s their own! How touching it would be when many unknowns prefer you to their people! Certainly, that’s one in lakh lives.

A life lived once as Rajinikant is the life that’s lived hundred times… lol… Jokes apart, truly, I admire this man from the deepest of my heart.

May all his moves bring further glory to himself and to his fans.

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Jack said...


Yes, he has proved his worth and more. May he continue to entertain his fans.

Take care