Dec 16, 2012

Right composure!

When you are frustrated, you have every right to show the frustration straightaway. But it needs the right composure, of mind and thoughts, to keep it all to yourself and come out responding in the other way. It’s not that by doing this you are controlling your emotions. Rather, by doing this you are giving the situation or the other person a benefit of doubt. It shows a side of you where you have accumulated the due respect to others or circumstances. Certainly, it ensures the slight introspection edge you entertain for yourself, which has always been proved as a success mantra.

Frustration not shown is never a problem, neither for you nor for any other, but the frustration shown could be the start of a problem. Beware.

Moreover, you do not have time to think about all this the moment you are frustrated. Only an experience or a regular exercise or rather the practice to acquire right composure would help. Of course, a deep wish to do so can work wonderfully for you in doing so.

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Jack said...


The moment one dwells on frustration it creates negative attitude which can affect efforts to overcome hurdles in what one wishes to achieve. So one needs to control it and turn it into challenge for sustained efforts.

Take care