Dec 25, 2012

Sachin, one in one generation(s)!

'Sachin' and 'Cricket' have been attached for at least twenty two years. 'Sachin' and 'retirement' seemed to have been attached at least for five years now. Finally the day has come when the two words get attached once gain very promptly that we will see the detachment between Sachin and ODI cricket for rest of our lives. Sachin Tendulkar, a man who needs no introduction, has taken a decision which some people have appreciated and some other have been disappointed. Well, in my case, i'm little surprised to see Sachin announcing it just before the tour with the rivals. That's his decision. No further comments on this. But i feel so sad that I along with many other fans could not go through the emotions such as "last match", "last run', 'last innings' etc. It would not have been easy and never easy for sure for Sachin himself.    

The short man has put an end to the longest ODI career of the cricketing world. After almost twenty three years, its even difficult to bid farewell than to do it in the span of half of it. Looking back, i'd like to thank Sachin for his blistering 134 against Australia at Sharjah, for the killing knock of 98 at the world cup against the Pakisthan, for the maiden double ton in ODI at the age of thirty seven, and not the least, for the dashing 175 against the Aussies at Hyderabad. Apart from the runs and wickets, he truly deserves a heartul thanks for every effort and inspiration given every time. 

Some debate that most of the times when Sachin has made a century India has lost the match. I cannot disagree seeing the statistics but for a person who is holding every record going by statistics, this record means very less negative about him, to me. 

Not just Sachin we also shall retire now from asking the questions when India plays ODI match "What's Sachin's score?", "Is Sachin still playing or gone?". We shall also probably retire from the habit of changing the TV channel after his wicket is down. One more and important  we now need not wait to witness the first 50th ODI century to be made by any cricketer on earth. 

Having been in the sport which has probably got the highest media coverage in India and that too for a long duration of 23 years, Sachin coming out with no considerable negative things about his gesture is only possible with the golden attitude he possesses. Probably the brought up of him by Mr & Mrs Ramesh Tendulkar had been so impressive and admirable. Hope someone would write his biography in future through which we can know more about his brought up.

Well, that's not the end to Sachin Tendulkar with bat. We will still see him in test matches as well as in IPL too. 

Look forward for few more blistering knocks from him in the years to come.

Congratulations Sachin for a career which is one in one generation(s)! I feel proud to be your follower, follower of an Indian who has done loads for his country through the field he has chosen until now.


Sabi Sunshine said...

Wish you a Merry Christmas! May God bless you with all the happiness and prosperity in life .

Sabi SUnshine

Jack said...


He has taken a considered decision. It is good to go when going is good than to go when there is no choice. Hope to see his charming style in other matches for more time to come.

Take care

Haddock said...

I like him best for the comment he made "I am an Indian first"
The only two guys I admire in Indian Cricket fraternity.... Sachin and Gavaskar.... and its nothing to do with cricket.