Dec 12, 2012

Team India: Now nothing remains to be undone!

It’s been not even a month that the England tour of India is started and all in a brisk the so named “Revenge series” is taking its toll on Team India. Except for few sessions, it’s been England’s day out all these days.

I really do not know how much a pitch can cause patches. But this time round, it’s been causing all the stains on the big names of Team India. While Jaheer and Bhajji got knocked out, Yuvi, who saw his way back to team after recovering from the life threatening disease got to see his way out too.

I do not have any praises to do in this post except very few. One, Pujara, who looks promising yet has to work hard on his consistency; two, Ashwin, whom I hope to see performing with ball and bat steadily throughout the coming matches too. And that’s it. There ends the praise list.

Now starts the introspection, a kind of.

I’ll speak about him towards the end.

(1) He has always been playing in his own style irrespective of his team’s needs. He might send the first ball out of the stadium or play it on to his own stumps. Such an unpredictable player and still gets changes just for the very same reason, his unpredictability. I will have him first on the retirement list.

(2) He has been trying to turn peanuts into big fruits but never could success in the recent times. A player known for his concentration and left hand technique, seeing him struggling these days disappoints every mere Indian cricket fan.

(3) Very recently, he appeared as an adult prodigy another one after the last child prodigy Indian cricket has seen. But surprisingly, he too has turned out as a seasonal player. I’m not sure if he lost his concentration amidst the honour-flow. But, still, he is promising one.

(4) Every position and person in team is important to run the team successfully. At the same time it is also important that the team shall be run with and without any of the team members. That’s the way the teams shall be run inspiringly. Selectors or who so ever, have failed in doing so. A player cannot just remain in the team just because he is after all the ‘one’.

(5) Having heard enough of himself and being written off for pages these days, this man in this team must be having the highest pressurized cooker in his head. What to do, to leave or to stay back for another chance! Well, as always, I will like to leave it to him, the best one to decide upon.

That’s all I think.

Team has been selected with few new bees for the last test. Let’s wait and see, what’s in store! 2-1 or 3-1 or 2-2!

As an obvious choice I would like to pick the 2-2. All the best, Team India!

PS: I write string of posts and I do not take cricket as one of the subjects! This can never happen!

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We need to infuse young blood otherwise we will never encourage youngsters to make efforts to excel.

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