Dec 31, 2012

Year Ender’2012 and Post Number: 800

On a very specific night in a year, a year appears too short to live and to experience. That’s undoubtedly the night of December 31st. January to December flows so flawlessly every year that no clock of the world can be proved wrong unless the batteries are down. Even if the clocks are stopped from working, the natural clock, the sun and moon cycle, never let us miss the count of the seasons of a year.
2012 has been very eventful as far as I’m concerned. Probably, the one that is of this sort in last five years! It’s been a very good mix which is the main reason why I loved it very much. Learning from personal and professional lives is the treasure I would like to carry proudly to the next year.
Love work;
Love people;
Live the fullest;
Learn your best.
As far as the blog is concerned, I’ve had few of the major milestones one being this post itself as the 800th post. Writing has been my best of the best hobbies ever since I’ve started this blog. Truth to be told, readers are the best encouragement. Thanks to everyone who have been around.
Special mention to Jack uncle for reading every post of mine and for the apt comments. I owe a lot to you. KP uncle, I’ve been missing you; hope you are doing fine. All my college friends, blogger friends, colleagues who read this and wish me, thank you so much to you too for being there.
Farewell 2012.
Looking forward for the next year!


KParthasarathi said...

Best wishes for a happy new year ,Pramoda

Jack said...


Congratulation on reaching 800. I am now eagerly looking forward to 1000. Lessons told by you are very apt and should be followed by all. Thanks for saying such kind words for me but it is basically you who deserve what is due.

Take care