Apr 30, 2012

Nothing comes for free so as love!

No, I’m not talking about the crazy investments of boy friends in shopping malls, movie theaters or on weekend outings. I prefer to call such money outflow as money invested instead of money spent assuming a marital ending to the pre-marriage love life, excluding all the convincing reasons for the break-up. In the other case, it would obviously be the money spent since there are no returns expected; neither happiness nor love anymore with same partner.

Monetary terms seem play a visiting role in relationships. Monetary needs fit into one of the corners of home rest being dominated by the healthy, habitual and happy kitties.

Nothing comes for free so as love.

Dedication towards the partner being the basic necessity, often costs you time which otherwise you would like to spend doing things of your passion. Commitment towards the partner often costs you freedom of expressing which otherwise you would not afford losing. Togetherness can be built on mutual understanding but staying together might cost you the willingness to carry on with your own life style which might be different from that of your partner. Caring needs a little more consciousness which costs less unless you need to build the never there consciousness.

Everything costs you something so as love!

Nevertheless, some costs appear nothing before the ultimate gains. Love, happiness and peace are the ultimate gains of life. Spending or I must say investing more of yourself into the relationships gives a better shape not just to the relationship itself but to the lives of other people attached with it too.

The way you see is the way it appears.

Some call it compromise. Some name it adjustment. Some believe it love. Whatever, this scenario is nothing different from the philosophy ‘the way you see the way it appears’. Having the convincing reasons is important. Both the people involved must be having the same understanding of the reasons otherwise it would lead to unnecessary and always spoiling assumptions.

Understand the needs of life as well as your own needs. Not all can understand you but you can give a try making the required understand you. It is not hard and fast that every relationship must absorb the above said costs. Some people get accustomed to the needs where as some take time or they can’t at times.

Relationships are built for happy living. There is nothing definite or defined for what does a happy living means. It’s up to the two and that’s the best part of it.

Experience… Take Home #150

Experience, either a good one or a bad one, is always good for future.

People Management … Take Home #149

How you say contributes more than what you say in excelling the people management.

Apr 29, 2012

Endurance of life… Take Home #148

Endurance of life is ensured not by the number of years lived but by the number of moments lived.

No Dirty Picture(s) on televisions… Way to go?

SONY channel’s incessant advertisement conveying their upcoming telecast of last year’s successful Dirty Picture convinced me enough to remember the time of its telecast. Having been impressed by Vidya Balan in the recent time, I switched over to Sony right on time. But another program was being telecasted. I quickly ran through the upcoming program list in my Tata Sky to check if there was any change in the schedule. I learnt that it would be telecasted at eight in the night. Again, I waited long but nothing happened instead 3 Idiots was being telecasted. That was so disappointing. At the end of the day the only relief I had was that I could watch 3 Idiots without a single break.

Couple of days later I learnt from news that the telecast of The Dirty Picture was put under restriction until 11 pm in the night. Censor board says not just The Dirty Picture but all the movie of its category should not be telecasted. How far will that rule sustain? Won’t filmmakers fight back? Isn’t it too much for such movies?

More than anything, how much will that be advantageous in the internet prone new generation? Open the ‘you tube’ and you can watch everything that need not be watched. DVDs and CDs are variously available all across. Hell lots of web sites are available from where you can download and watch the uncensored full movie. This being the current scenario, what’s the censor board exactly wanting to do? Just making some meaningless buzz to kill time! People who were unaware of the movie and its coming on the TV have been geared up to watch it next time whenever they get chance.

By the way, even the endless telecasting of fashion shows on the Faison TV could not convince the board to let the dirty pictures carry on. Movie makers now have to keep two prints of the movie ready, one made for the theaters and the other one for the small inch displays. The reason they say is the highlight of the whole moment. Since TV is a medium for family to sit together and enjoy, they say they would not be allowing such telecasts on it. The fact is, most houses these days are fixed with two TVs and more over, family sitting together and watching TV appears to be a big joke of the millennium. As and when they find time family outings are mostly preferred these days. Anyway, sitting together and watching such movies or scenes does not spoil more than watching the blue films alone.

I don’t think it’s the way to go. As long as people know what to learn from what no need to restrict them from watching some specific stuff. The rebellious attitude comes out with this and probe people to watch such scenes more, in private. Instead of creating the unnecessary curiosity in the younger generation, better is to opt educating people to understand what needs to be understood.

Apr 28, 2012

Should MP Tendulkar choose to speak for the other Indian sports?

Amidst the guesses of seeing Tendulkar as a future coach, commentator, mentor or a businessman etc, the wildest of the wild guesses has waved its hand announcing its kick-off. Taking all of us, the nation, the cricketing world and his million fans across the globe to surprise, he was nominated to the parliament of India!

And he accepted it! Well, I think the nomination and the acceptance that followed was a show that was shown. I don’t think Tendulkar would have decided on it a day’s time. Having been the person who has planned his career in such a way that he would play longer, starting from changing his shots suit his body to brilliantly choosing the tournaments to be skipped, its least expected that he would decide over it over a night. But if it was done over a night or even over a week, being the person who got inspired by him at many occasions, I sincerely hope his decision would not cost him the stature, his invaluable possession that he has earned over decades purely sweating.

Some people have kept their point of views to themselves on his retirement saying that he would be the right and most deserving person to decide on it. But on his acceptance to become a member of parliament, no one as yet left any words behind in either hailing or condemning it. Anyway, that’s quite understandable for below reasons.

Sachin Tendulkar is no more a person who just owns himself. Rather, he is owned by a country, by his followers, by his devotees etc. His decisions might be his own but no more the consequences of the same, either good or bad.

Anyhow, that’s just based on what he has been so far. I remember telling my friends that I hope he would not do any such mistake because of which his otherwise ‘one in hundred years’ career would all be forgotten or ruined. He is well aware of the fact that people have a habit of remembering a cricketer by his last innings. It might take no time for people to take reverse gear if made optionless. Again, I sincerely hope with all my love and passion for this man that he would come out well.

I believe in living life with versatile careers. After the most successful career which has already inspired many lives, I think it’s worth giving a try in another. Being an MP, Tendulkar must speak for the sports persons, the field which is very much near to his heart. He will need to do it for all the underprivileged sports persons or the sports themselves in the highly cricket oriented India. I do believe even he has the responsibility to do so having been at least some reason for the present situation of other sports in India, with his addicting aura turned the whole nation think and breath just cricket. With the power in hand he must utilize it to speak and do volumes for the passion of sport of Indians which is one of the biggest reasons for what he is today.

Academies must be supported for various sports in India. Coaches, especially Indians, must be recruited more. Fund from government must be ensured utilized well. Under the current scenario we can not expect every penny to be used but to whatever the extent possible it must be made available. The whole scene must educate younger people on sports. He has inspired enough number of youngsters to enter cricket. Now it’s time to gear up to encourage people choose the rest of the sports too. Building career in sports is what many players dream of. And that’s possible only when enough jobs are created under sports quota. That’s not just enough; the income must satisfy them too. After all, we all need money so as sports persons too. All these can not be happen over night. But with the involvement of highly influencing Tendulkar, let’s hope at least things move better over a year. That will be the best reward he can give himself for all his efforts.

Buckle up Sachin, its high time again to start journey towards another greater height. Bat has been your spokes person so far, now you have no option than utilizing your mouth. Taking stand is the least seen in your entire cricket career. It is not possible any longer. Some more such facts will ping you soon. We all would love witnessing you coming out with flying colors.

He comes out well or not, fact is fact. His cricketing career, which would be remembered as the only longest one in the history of mankind, allows him to be wrong at reasonably very less number of times. There lived a man called Sachin Tendulkar will be what the generations to come wondering about after next hundred years. That’s the greatness he has earned, to envy which none alive is even qualified enough!

One line before closing – National Congress Party playing spoilsport with one of the nation’s best sports persons ever lived is the least expected. NCP, mind it!

Right people at right time…

Ensuring the involvement of right people at right time separates leaders from managers.

Most managers concentrate on solving the issues be it through the justified way or another. It’s very important to solve the problem. At the same time it’s equally important to get the right and deserving people aboard. Choosing right way to solve problems is the right way to do things. Appointing right people to solve problem is the noble way.

Well, not just right people but the right time carries equal weightage too.

Decision taking… Take Home #147

It’s not if right decision or not that matters. If the decision is taken on right time or not is what matters most of the times. Later if the decision is made right with proper execution or not anyway matters.

Power in you… Take Home #146

When you are optionless and have to face the problem alone, every drop of your blood, every nerve of your body and every neuron of your brain work collectively. That’s the moment you identify the power in you.

Apr 27, 2012

Anger… Take Home #145

Anger is the emotion that is least understood; at the same time it highly expects to be understood.

More on “disappointing comments”…

Comments are good and bad. Good for getting improved. Bad for becoming conscious of criticism. If taken the way they are supposed to be taken comments lead to a person’s improvement if not in the just next attempt but for sure later. But if they are taken the way either they are not meant or offensive, there starts the consciousness, a good mixture of fear of comments and willingness to avoid mistakes. Fear of comments interrupts a person from giving his best. Where as, the willingness to avoid mistakes establishes a clear cut boarder between the person and his experimenting attitude.

Discouraging comments, by themselves, leave a little scope to a person to be strong. Nevertheless, when a person is strong enough for them he breaks the jinx. The way the discouraging comments are given, they account for a little effort from the person who has received them if at all he would like to encourage himself by just telling himself the opposite of what he is commented with. And disappointing comments not just let the person get confused of what he needs to tell himself to carry on, they also let him enter the dilemma on how he is going to satisfy the commenter next time. One can hardly understand the way forward.

Discouraging comments often disappoint but disappointing comments rarely discourage.

Apr 26, 2012

Disappointing comments… Take Home #144

Dealing with the discouraging comments is easier than dealing with the disappointing comments. Until we experience, what we believe is the other way round.

Apr 25, 2012

Age and middle-class life, no more factors for owning a mobile!

Gone are the days when middle class parents used to think twice before taking mobile phones for themselves. If it was required that their son or daughter to have the mobiles, they used to prefer buying one for their children instead of taking it for themselves. That was the story of the newly become old decade, the first years of the very first decade of the twenty first century.

Age used to be the factor as if it was about ringing the marriage bells. School age and then the early college age were the major factors both for children and parents. For the children, having mobile phone at that age used to be a dream come true. For parents, it used to be nothing less than a nightmare.

How fast things have changed in the twenty first century sometimes makes me go back to the Hollywood movie, ‘2012’. It appears as if we are in the phase of enjoying whatever we want and soon the collapse follow. But anyway, there are lots of more chances still awaiting humans to grab and destroy themselves before the nature destroys them. If you want a mobile, you will get it within a time in which Chris Gayle makes his ton. Just enter the main road, select the mobile model and it will be all yours of course after paying for the same. And if you want a sim card you will get it within a time in which Usain Bolt completes a lap of four hundred meters. Just enter the corner of the road and the sim is yours, for free at times too.

Now-a-days, from a high school student to an engineering graduate we see hardly any difference in the passion for owning a mobile phone for themselves. Playing games to browsing uncommon websites, all activities are learnt in less than the time what it takes to buy a mobile phone. Children are so used to the menu patterns that they change the profiles in their parents’ mobiles such that it would embrace them the next time mobile rings. More over, middle-class-ness could no longer affect the take rate of mobile in the concerned families. Parents have two mobiles, each having one, and the children will have the even newer model.

I’m not sure if every parent thinks before buying it for his/her kid. What the adverse effects the mobile usage at earlier ages, pre teenage days, especially on the psychological growth is what deserves some due research! Awareness among parents is important of the distracted concentration levels of their children which would eventually cause the lower score in the exams. Getting addicted to the mobile phones and becoming sick of them are another threats that the young generation is fantastically playing with.

Let the middle class life be no factor. After all it should not be a factor in need. But the age factor needs to be understood by every parent. Sophisticated lives of these days have made parents’ job pretty much different and difficult to that of the earlier days. Though children become upset with their parents decision of not buying them a mobile, for parents its worth forgetting, ignoring and moving ahead dreaming of the success of their children in the years to come.

Having aggressiveness… Take Home #143

Having aggressiveness to an extent that it would not hurt the undeserved enhances your performance.

Apr 24, 2012

Express your views… Take Home #142

Life is not just about thinking; it is also about making people think. Express your views not just for yourselves, but for others too.

True to heart… Take Home #141

Being good at heart is important; either you are doing good or bad, being true to heart is also significantly important in its own way.

Apr 22, 2012

Book: I too had a love story

Author: Ravinder Singh

Probably, this is the only book so far to have the mark of my tear drop on one of its last pages.

Since it was claimed to be the true story I decided before reading the book to just look into the characters and go on. I loved the ‘dedication’ page and the two Hindi lines written in it.

How love starts off is unknown till date. Internet meetings often have tied couples in deep love. The story is about one of such tied. But there are many factors linked to such love stories. One, both of them should like each others' looks, which is the prominently known prerequisite though not all express it. The sweetness in the magic of the other person’s voice and words fuel it up further. The family back grounds etc would anyway be there as the later rituals. In this case, the couple is lucky enough to cross all these so called factors so early in their love life. Once you have the support of your family, love appears even more beautiful.

One of the sweetest punishments given to a boy by his girl friend is what I’ve come across in this book. The boy says her sorry in complete length of a call on mobile having had hurt her. She consoles him back but he ends up asking for a punishment. She asks him to join back the long queue at the ATM which he left minutes before while talking to her. After he joins the queue she asks him to give her five fullest kisses on the phone. I don’t think I would ever do it if I’m asked to. Forger that, I would never ask for it first of all. She is not crazy; she is not naughty; she is just lovely at the moment. The boy in the story does it as he feels it as the most important thing to do ignoring all the meaningful looks of people around him. So lovely he is too! But I started laughing after reading the next line saying that after all the kissing scene is successfully done and as the boy recovers back to the crowd, one of the boy’s neighbors has been astonishingly looking at him. Now i know what it means to be madly in love with.

I’m sure not every boy can kneel-down before his would-be mother in law and admit a mistake which was never his but of his girl friend’s, to protect her from her mother’s anger. Now this definitely isn’t the mad love, instead a matured one.

Unexpected things fill life. As one of such turns out to be the sheer unfortunate the twist in the tale envisages. Girl meeting with a life threatening accident just hours before her engagement sinks the boy deep under the ocean of sorrow. And that wasn’t all what happened in this case, she died later. He says he could not even kiss her dead hand as he was away at the moment.

Marriage gives you license to express tears after losing your better half. But the relationship, with no formal engagement, only allows you to cry aloud, within. All the senseless indication of fingers towards you in murmuring as the would-be of the died, further betters the situation for you to cry even louder under the shower.

Life after all that is not easy. No point to be sexy at all. Always killing and haunting. The memories of past which come up themselves at times give you no room on the gigantic earth to sit and settle back. The memories which come up after seeing the other kissing couple hand in hand on roads, in parks, on beaches, further makes you feel as if you are in deep dug man hole of life. I stop it here since only the experience, in this case, can help express better.

It was 2 am in the morning when the tears rolled down my cheeks. Now let me consume few lines on the writer. An amateur writer welcomes you to the story. He describes her questions as innocent ones but I didn’t feel it as it is with the way they were written. Towards the end, I could see a sudden shift in the intensity of writing and emotions. And the way the emotions were there towards the end of the story could have done the same to any emotional writer.

A good read all in all. A good one to opt if you are feeling like missing tears. One line from the last pages caught me: “I remember how she used to tell me that, after our marriage, we would put a success story on website. I never knew I would be writing a tragedy”.

I wish the boy all the strength to come back to life.

Book: RAFA – My Story

Author: Rafael Nadal with John Carlin

Many times I watched Rafa, one of my few favorite players, speaking in English after presented with the championship trophies during grand slam finals. With that, I’m damn sure of the great influence of the second author on the way the content is written, in English, in this book. But the content itself would be obviously the own property of Rafa himself.

Sportive spirit is what I’ve been observing in Nadal since long, not just when we win but also when he lose. This book has given more insight into the making of this attitude of him. Every line written in this book on opponents or contemporary rivals splashed a sense of respect with zero controversial statements.

Lives of sports men are the most influenced by their families and earlier coaches. In Nadal’s case, his big family has been his backbone. His first and the only coach so far, his uncle Tony Nadal, has his mark on especially the ‘endurance’ he shows at critical points of the matches.

The younger Rafael, who bowed his head and did all that his coach wanted him to do from collecting balls to cleaning the courts, played his matches the way it was instructed by his coach, attended the punishing schedule without a complaint, reiterate the importance of discipline and love towards the game to build a career off it. Tony Nadal used to ask Rafa’s family to keep the celebrations simple after he won the tournaments as a boy in his teenage. Celebrations and boasting often have badly influenced the players, especially of younger age. Fortunately, with the presence of his coach as one of his family members, for Rafa it was not the factor anymore.

“Playing sports is a good thing for ordinary people; sport played at the professional level is not good for your health”

It’s rightly quoted in the book. Professional level play demands a healthy and active body always. With the long running rallies and matches running into five sets, Tennis at times makes your muzzles go dead. Fitness is often the most anticipated. To maintain it, you need a team, a good physical trainer of course. Rafa’s team has been his best asset in this regard. They all have mingled as if they were just family too. Rafa, in return also shows the same love and respect towards them by treating them less as his appointees and more as his friends. Their hard work was the reason behind Nadal coming back to the professional game after being hit by a career threatening injury.

The authors have given a try not to let the superstition remain as a superstition on Nadal setting his bottles in angel. But somehow, it didn’t convince me. I often heard, sports men have lot of superstitions. Maybe, the pressure levels are high and no surprise if they end us choosing few of their own.

“The higher you are, the greater your duty to treat people with respect” – another quote from book and I agree to it.

Playing games is about reading the strategies of opponents and winning games is about reading the mind frames of opponents. Given a pressure situation, most players act human and that’s when the mind readers cash in. In the individual games like tennis, being strong minded is even more important.

“People connect more with the battling underdog than with the effortlessly superior performer, because the battling underdog is more recognizably human; more people see themselves in the flawed Nadal than in the Olympian Federer”

The above lines from the book are the true reflection of what I could not frame in words since long on why I chose Rafa to Roger. Hats off to the writer. Loved it.

I wonder how we sit back miles away, oceans separated, and expect our favorite players win every match they play, without knowing a bit of what’s going on in their personal lives. After all, they too are human and have impacts of family reasons. In Nadal’s case, the separation of his parents impacted more than expected, both his body and mind and in turn his game too. This book has made me take back some of the cursing I’d given him during his down turn in 2009-10. Now I know how to react for such situations in future.

Finally I would like to mention about the Rafa’s girl friend. She is such a nice one for him that he is lucky to have got the most suitable one. A steady relationship with his girl friend has undoubtedly made him concentrate more on courts. With no break ups as yet, the couple looks so cute. The higher you are, not just the greater your duty to treat people with respect but also greater your responsibility to maintain your relationships inspiringly. As people look at you and want to take inspiration from you, you need to be as perfect as possible with less room to be wrong. I admire Rafa and his girl for their successful run. I would like to wish the couple long life together.

Well, this book has made me know more about the game, the practice, the fitness sessions, the team work and the hectic schedules. Taking inspiration from sports is what I love the most and I feel for me the easiest way. I would like to wish Rafa more successes in the years to come.

Apr 21, 2012

Does he/she mean it?

Sometimes, it’s hard to understand if the person we respect or love actually means what he just said about us. Rather than being in the dilemma or losing temper, it would be great if we believe that he means it if it’s a comfortable complement and believe that he does not mean it if it’s worry causing comment.

It’s not only true that all can love; it’s also true that all can not express it the way you want to hear. When you can not hear what you want, it’s worth putting efforts to listen, especially in case of the speaker being your beloved.

Go by this fact; be benefited by opting the benefit of doubt.

Making the mark, in win, in loss…

Despite the considerable efforts, at times we end up knocking the failure door. Certain circumstances or competition make us helpless and probe to do so too. The only thing and the thinking that can get us back to the normalcy of fighting spirit are that ‘it’s just the end of it but it’s not the end of the tries you are going to hit’.

Making the mark is important in a win and it’s doubly important in a loss. Because, the mark you make in a win encourages the next generations, where as the mark you make in a loss probably inspires the generations to come.

Let not the results drive us; let’s drive the results. And when I say result I’m not talking about win or loss, but I’m talking about encouraging and inspiring.

Being the front-man… Take Home #140

Being the front-man in the game, of sport, of life, of career, without you bringing it up your team is nothing. And without your team you are nothing.

The possible worst…!

No one plans for the disastrous results but still the aftermath can be faced with grace, determination and complacence if we believe in being practical and preparing ourselves to face the possible worst.

Robust to do list… Take Home #139

The will power can win over the ticking clock once you are prepared with the robust to-do-list and all the guts to follow the same.

Apr 20, 2012

Titanic 3D…Experienced the sinking…!

“… I don’t even have a picture of him. Now he exists only in my memories”

I’ve seen the gigantic Titanic sinking into the Atlantic Ocean on the silver screen for more than five times so far and yet could not make it to the above dialogue. I would have heard but could not connect to it. When I watched the new three dimensional take of the movie, released on the eve of 100 years ceremony of the original ship sunk, many of the dialogues including the above stuck me once again.

No need to say anything about the story line of the film. During the three hours of stay in the theaters the movie almost takes you to the emotions of over a two thousand people on board the Titanic, the ship which was claimed to be unsinkable.

“Out of all the boats only one came back. Six people were saved from the sea…”

Well, none could have done any better amidst the freezing cold waters of the already killing Atlantic Ocean.

Love makes you survive. Love makes you kill yourself. It is true to the core as per the screen play of the movie. Every time I watch it, the end, when the hero dies I cry. This time round it was even more touching with the water lever camera shorts of the 3D. Not just that scene, every shot taken from the water level was absolutely stunning as if you are in the water too. Also the shots from top, especially when she sinks, add to the party of the stunning ones too.

All in all, once again loved the sinking experience, this time in the third dimension. It is fun watching and yet the fact that the thousands of lives were kept on sure list of dieing on the unfortunate day in 1912 pinches you from the back of your mind.

Thanks to James Cameron for the initiative of 3D.

One more movie I would like to experience in the 3D is 2012. I’m looking for the earth-quaking experience. Hope the director gets this incepted in himself.

Apr 19, 2012

Not the pain but… Take Home #138

Not the pain but the fear if the pain would last longer pains more.

Apr 18, 2012

Should the IPL venue be moved out of India?

“Yes”. And not to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh! Either it should be moved to England or Australia.

Enough is enough. Indian cricketers have show-cased their talent on Indian soil over the four seasons of the Indian premier league. Even the ongoing one is no different as the local boys going for it with ease. No doubt that I and the million Indian cricket mates are absolutely exhilarated for that. When the IPL started in 2008, right after the Indian T20 squad lifted the world cup, it was said to be the show that would bring the upcoming Indian cricketers into lime light. It lived up to the expectation till date. Many Indian youngsters who after excelling in IPL could get through to the capped players list. Some came back soon and some still going on finding on their own how long they could or would sustain.

More than what is gone in Indians’ way, IPL succeeded in show casing the Indian conditions, expectations, game plans to the foreign players amidst the blistering night parties. Sharing the dressing room with them was a true luck for the Indian uncapped players, but the forgotten fact is that moving all over India at single stretch and by this way getting accustomed to the Indian circumstances has been a blessing in disguise for the foreign players. Had Indian not won the world cup, forget about Sachin’s dream, each and every individual of the team and BCCI would have been put under whopping rebuke with the comments popping in from all possible sides, especially on IPL.

Now, I think, it’s the perfect time for BCCI to think upon conducting the biggest cricket show, in terms of economy exchange, on foreign soils. The recent set backs of the Indian world cup winning team and the first rank rated test squad, incessantly on the soils of English and down under, I have no doubts in saying so. Get the players there. Let them get accustomed to the different surfaces and conditions. Sending team well before the tournament proved as an utter flop idea after the worst ever debacle down under. If it’s not for the matches, competition, and show casing before the crowd, very few players put their ‘everything’ into practice. IPL would be the most loved platform by them to do so.

I’m not sure how much BCCI can dare losing the tsunami like money inflow. But, if at all its aim is to make Indian cricket the robust, and cricketers the unconquerable, better leave money and catch other cricket boards for their permissions. No country’s cricket board would ever let IPL happen on their soils knowing this fact and tactics. But money may not be wanted by some but it is needed by all. I know me as a big fan of this game. Having been able to watch ninety percent of the IPL matches couple of years back, my poorest follow up of the ongoing season is making me go nuts and say ‘yes’ to demand the change of venue for IPL.

Yes, centuries have come up. Indian players have come into lime light. But it just lasted as long as the tournament lasted. Later the lime lighters are again the eleven who have played with Indian symbolized helmets on their heads. Of course even if IPL happens on foreign soils it would only be the eleven that could play later in the international matches. But the results and successes make all the difference.

PS: I’ve my own point of view to say “No” to the venue change. I’ll probably share later.

How to identify the manager from the crowd?

How to identify the manager from the crowd?

It is he who manages to make enemies on last priority.

And how to identify an ambitious manager?

It is he who manages to convey his ideas frankly and still can make enemies on last priority.

Apr 16, 2012

Contemporary rivals… Take Home #137

Having rivals, especially in contemporaries, makes the game of life more productive not just in terms of success but also in terms of the after-success celebrations too.

Regrets @ end of life…

If at all there would be any regrets at the end of the life, they would neither be on sacrificing your professional life for personal life nor be on sacrificing the personal life for professional life. They would probably be on not living the way you would have loved living, be it personal or professional life.

Apr 15, 2012

Another Sunday Evening…!

If there is any evening that can get me is the most killing and all famous ‘Sunday evening’. It makes me dizzy to the core. The very thought of going back to routine the next day morning spoils the whole day’s dazzling party. And the rest is done by the boring repeated thoughts of the upcoming week.

Back in school days it used to be either some damn assignment on Monday or the powerful homework which would, at some or the other point of time, bring laziness to the toughest of the tough students.

When it was the intermediate stage, Sunday morning used to be the time we would be done with the never wanted weekend tests. Sunday evening used to be either off from study hours or a movie in open theater, it has to be named that way. If you have or not some things you have got to satisfy yourself by giving ordinary things the names of what you want to have.

B.tech Sunday night used to be even more hell as the whole day used to be the heavenly trip. They say it right, fun and sorrow follow each other though they are opposite mannered twins.

IIT was the one place when in my entire student career I could get five day week. Note it down, IIT was also the only place where a holiday was not a holiday and a working day would be a day better than a holiday. It used be all with students, so free we were that either make or break, it was us who could do it to ourselves.

In contrary to many, I’ve a different opinion on Sunday evening of my work life. Especially when I was a fresher I used to be even more enthusiastic to go back on stage and perform. With that I’m not ruling out the chances of being the same lately. I feel, of course not my best, but yes, of the better moods on Sunday evenings. I’ve been waiting and wanting all my life the work life, and I can’t afford uneasiness just because I have to face the Monday morning.

As always, I’m looking forward for an eventful week ahead. Have a good week friends.

PS: Pictures are just for fun please!

Loneliness… Take Home #136

Loneliness is less about being alone and more about feeling alone.

Apr 14, 2012

Over qualified brand ambassadors!

When Sachin Tendulkar advertises that the secret of his energy is Boost, or when Aishwarya Rai Bachan presents the L’Oreal advertisement, it appears to me they are over qualified to do so.

In his twenty three years of proud career Sachin would have had everything that he could in his diet which would keep up his fitness. But more than anything, his unimaginable self controlled professionalism would have made him what he has been. Aishwarya Rai would have tried every other foreign brand such that she would be able to comb her hair the way she wanted it to be. But the diva, probably the only blessed lady of India with admirable beauty, would have faced the fashioning world with her equally admirable guts. Being the brands themselves, when they come and advertise some other brands, especially the above mentioned ones, somehow I feel the difficulty to accept the add as it is.

PS: No offense please. I just penned down a weird thought.

The first cheers… Take Home #135

People who share your journey towards success do deserve the first cheers from you off your success.

Apr 13, 2012

B.tech days are the best… #1

Nostalgia comes to me usually at nights as the fresh breeze brings back my beautiful memories. Of all, the ones that are close to my heart are from my B.tech days.

I still remember the newness I felt as I entered the campus on the very first day. Those ragging days with little chance of escape have made me learn some best lessons for my life. The mid term exams used to appear as if they had come the very next day of the starting day of the semester. And the final exam results were the most awaited.

Beach trips,

Bunking classes,

Movie travels,

Greeting card shopping,

Night time plays,

Wrong-call attending,

Mess time gossips,

Syllabus book studying,

After-exam celebrations,

Walk-men hearing,

Exam-morning silence,

Mid night Maggies,

Afternoon sleep,

Placement pressure,

Project time pass,

Internet chit chat,

Farewell-time photographs,

Last day meeting in lawns,

etc have been the life for those four years! If started explaining about everything it might be long at one go. I will try to capture the aroma of those days in bits and pieces in my upcoming posts. Hope you would enjoy it.

Being dependent…

Organizations may get away from being dependent on people who are talented but they can not escape from being dependent on people who work. Retaining the former might be a good idea but retaining the later is the savior.

You can’t get all for one penny… Take Home #134

Give enough time to work or accept the low quality. You can not get all for one penny.

Life is such an addicting… Take Home #133

I keep changing opinion on what’s most addicting! Here is the latest one…

Life is such an addicting. How much ever you may live you want more!

Apr 12, 2012

Not just what makes but what breaks love is not blind too!

Love is blind. It’s a popular saying. Love is not blind. It’s not a popular argument but that’s what I believe in.

Love sounds nothing for those,

Who does not care having one;

Love sounds everything for those,

Who still await their one;

Love sounds pleasant for those

Who have won their one;

Love is beautiful. It keeps encouraging you for a better you. Love appears even amazing when your loved one conveys you his/her love. Love has mastered the hearts for centuries now. Love has captivated and captured the young dreams for generations. Despite the considerable progress in the research in psychological domain, no one as yet has exactly identified what makes a girl and a boy bond with each other. May be, that’s the same reason why it’s still the popular saying that love is blind.

What makes people love? Sticking to the basics, love starts with liking. Liking starts in the heart. A heart that likes external beauty likes a beautiful lady. A heart that likes internal handsomeness likes a handsome heart. And so on. Liking gets converted into love when you can not lose the person and eventually you would want to live with him/her. In the process of spending good time together, the heart that likes external beauty gets aware of the ugly insider of his partner, if applicable. And even more easily the heart that likes handsome heart anyway gets to know the ugly face, if applicable.

Love can see it. Love sees everything. Then why it doesn’t mind? It does not want to mind.

Love sounds bitter for those,

Who have lost their one;

Love sounds irritating for those,

Who are made lose their one;

Love sounds meaningless for those,

Who never want to have one;

Love is unique. The interpretation is different. The ending might be different. Or in some cases the ending might never come. As long as they do not want to mind they get along. But the very moment they start wanting to mind all those once never-minding issues, they start moving apart. That does not mean that they get separated eventually. In most cases, yes, they get separated, might not be openly but at hearts, yes for sure. What broke their love is what they had once seen! Or it might not be the same every time. They may start seeing newly but one can not rule out the possibility of having had anticipated it at least once amidst the good going days.

However, in some other cases, both just get along with each other quite nicely as they understand each other’s world despite of all good or bad happenings. They respect each others’ too. Some times lack of time acts as tonic too! It does not allow them to breath all those separating thoughts. Or they just don’t want to think about all those! Whatever, they stick to each other. They stay for each other. Carrying it long eventually makes a good pair again as time permits, as they start thinking that what had happened with them could have happened with anyone, and would have happened with their parents too. They mingle up and run beautiful life.

Things change. Perspectives change. Love changes too. At the same time the capabilities of maintaining relationships change too. Such capabilities shall be developed with more concentration and interest. Developing such capabilities always makes life more meaningful not just for themselves but for each other too. Accepting the facts as they are and getting along with the same works wonders in a couple’s life.