Jan 26, 2013

Question, for a better life!

Questions cannot always be good but questioning is. Question, for a better society and life!
Almost everyone, in life, has to face two situations. One, to ask questions and two, to answer questions. It’s not easy to pass through either of them. But there is a little edge of advantage in facing the situation of asking questions rather than facing the situation of answering them. Well, questions or answers may or may not be satisfying but your understanding of the person who asks or answers gets better every time.  
Anyway, let’s gear up to be up to the mark to do what we have to do.


Sabi Sunshine said...

I agree , it 's very easy to ask question rather answering it but its also disappointment when u don't get an answer and you ate still asking question and you get frustration

Jack said...


It is so true that it is easier to ask than answer questions as questions are raised when there is doubt over something. Unless one asks questions how can the truth be found?

Take care