Jan 1, 2013


The count goes on. Day after the day. Year after the year. It's been almost twenty years that I've started identifying the joy of the New Year's eve. 

Earlier five years went by exchanging the greeting cards with the similarly appearing small hands and innocent smiles. Later five years weren't that much eventful in terms of greeting card exchanges but they went by just face to face wishing with friends and teachers. Later to that was the starting phase of actually experiencing the joyful celebrations on the new year's eve both at Intermediate and Engineering college hostels amidst huge circle of my friends. Post graduation at IITs, especially at Delhi, did not allow us to chill out in the chilling weather, but it was all about exchanging messages over mobiles and of course through the then 'orkut. Recent most years have gone by looking at the wall of Facebook for the wishes from friends as well as by blogging on the first and last days of the year. 

That's the story of new year eves so far. I'd wish to see the future trends in welcoming new year in the coming years.

After saying all that I've just remembered that I've not yet wished you on this eve-2013.

"Wish you all a happy and eventful year ahead"

New year celebrations have gone down a little this year because of all that has happened towards the end of the last year at the center of the national capital. Hope some improvement happens. 

I sign off here in hope of seeing less crime rate against women in the most culture rich country, our India, in this year.


Sabi Sunshine said...

Wishing you a very Happy New year 2013. May God bless you with all the happiness in the world. God Bless you

Sabi Sunshine

Jack said...


Thanks. Wish you a very SAFE and Happy 2013.

Take care