Feb 27, 2013

The Bitter Truth... Take Home #220

The best way to convey the bitter truth is to be open and honest to the point.

Feb 20, 2013

Be doubly inspired… Take Home #219

Be doubly inspired when your capabilities are being doubted. You may not get any better chance to prove yourself.

Take achievement as an inspiration !

Get inspiration from what people have achieved and detach yourself from any kind of emotional attachment with the achievers. You never know when your favourite star is going to commit such a deed after knowing which you would get disturbed.
There have been many cases in the recent years which made me recollect what once someone mentioned to school children in his/her speech:
Get inspired from the people who are dead; if you choose the ones who are alive, you might get disturbed when they commit any wrong deed.
Well, I agree and disagree to the above. I agree because it’s true to its core. And I disagree because we shall have a way out such that we can take inspiration from the living beings who are tremendously effective in making us think that we can achieve too.
I thought about it and wanted to put forward the below:
Get inspiration from what people have achieved and detach yourself from any kind of emotional attachment with the achievers.
Anyone who want to or have to make a recovery from as danger disease as cancer, nothing else can take over as best options than the autobiography of Lance Armstrong.
Anyone who wishes to build an inspiring career by captivating whole show for a quite longer while, ‘Tiger’ woods, the master golfer’s professional career history would be the best one to know about.
Anyone who chooses not to sit back after losing both the legs and not just that, who would like to further perform on the world’s largest stage, Oscar Pistorius’ life is the best suitable example. 
And so on!
People, for whom the crowds have gone crazy, have gone crazy and smashed a billion hearts with hard confessions. But that does not mean that one should not look at the inspiring living beings at all. Better be inspired of what people have achieved and how they did it. Most importantly better be detached from emotional attachment which we often succumb to, with the respective achiever or with his name for that matter.
Yes, it cannot be overruled that the people who are taken as an inspiration by many shall be doubly careful of their own deeds. Otherwise, ultimately they are responsible in case of any negative notion in the society across the globe.
Well, I'm not still turning my face from the champions mentioned above. They still and continue to inspire me for what they have achieved.

Face-off with rejection… Take Home #218

To learn how to handle the rejection in a better way, you must first be welcoming the rejection. Do things in your way and be open for a face-off.

First impressions… Take Home #217

Get first impressions but try to hang on for a while in expressing them. You may have to disagree with yourself in the due course of time. Disagreeing with your inner self is much easier than disagreeing with your own self which you had already expressed to someone.

Feb 18, 2013

Small world and big dreams!

Small world and big dreams! Nothing wrong in it. You never know. For that matter, no one knows which dream can make your world big; big enough that every dream appears small.
Keep dreaming; keep conquering.
Think big. Dream big. Bag big.

Be loved!

Without you,
It’s not easy to be myself;
Without you,
It’s not difficult either.

Keep loving.
Be loved.

Feb 16, 2013

Mistakes happen, but… Take Home #216

Mistakes happen but that’s not the end. The real way to correct them is to convert them into a new beginning for a better living.
Btw, beware if no mistakes are happening.

Feb 13, 2013

Be on the job... Take Home #215

When you stay irritated or hopeless, it's even easier for your competitors to defeat you. Be in good hope, with positive smile and on your mark, to win. Always be on the job to be the best competitor. Win and loss anyway come and go.

Speak, do not shout... Take Home #214

When you shout, you are left to shout all alone, most of the times; but when you speak, some people choose to speak up for you, most of the times.