Mar 31, 2013

Take Home #224

Attack issues not people.

Salary can buy you only few!

After certain corporate experience, it's easier to understand what for people at work have done or said or written something. Or rather, it's not that easy. But it's not that much tricky too. At the same time, it's need not be entirely accurate understanding. 

Experience makes us build certain thoughts and strong opinions about people, work, situations etc. When it's time to understand the happenings, the opinions of an individual play an important role, a major role when it comes to 'more experience'. Though it's a ground rule to see it afresh, we at times or rather most of the times, go by our own opinions and earlier experiences. That's not entirely correct way of doing things or understanding people. But we can't help it. However, there is a way out. 

It's mutual responsibility of the individuals involved to make each other understand aptly, if not well. When you leave it for any individual's own spirit or thoughts, there is a lot of chance that he or she might get carried away with his or her own understanding which might ruin the long built relationship. And that too for not a reason that's good enough. Be careful and be sensitized about this. Do not sit back and expect people to come to you, behave friendly etc. Put your bit  of efforts in clearing out the things or misunderstandings. Talk a little more. Express more. It helps to a large extent, not just to have a pretty working experience but also you will be credited with long lasting memories of your mates in your account along with the salary. 

Salary can buy you only few!

Mar 9, 2013

Movie: Vishwaroop

Apart from featuring the growing terror attacks all over the world by all different innovative as well as intelligent means, the Kamal Haasan's starer "Vishwaroop" has also conveyed the star's inspiring dedication towards bringing up his thoughts onto the silver screen.

Late than never, i decided to put my  points here none the less.

First is first, there is nothing I could find in support to the all high-drama happened in one of the southern states. It's clean as per me. I hope and wish many agree too.

Kamal's direction throughout the film has been very convincing. Screen play has been written extremely carefully. And why not? The topic is such sensitive. 

Amidst the growing terror attacks across the globe, the film is Kamal's brave attempt. All the three characters played by him have been supportive enough for the argument that an actor never grows older to perform his best. A keen interest has been depicted through the smart camera work by the camera man. The locations almost reflecting the bare battle fields on the Indian border make you go for an awe. The selection of artists for various roles of the plot is just awesome and all appreciable. 

Ending terrorists is not ending the terrorism. That's the naked truth, whether we believe it or not. Killing every human being who breaths the terrorist mindset does not necessarily mean that the terrorism has been rooted down. Terrorism is more a belief than an act. Acts can be stopped. Belief cannot easily be killed. It only grows with every attempt to knock it down. The fight against the terrorism by the top countries has been proved worst for the countries back home. For the people around the so called battle field, which has been destroyed by the governance of the belief of the people who did all that, there can not be any day or night with any better nightmare. Who wants all this? Who is bothered? Some need bread and butter. Some need a life for which they do not care millions of other lives getting destroyed. Some need satisfaction of killing hundreds of innocent people. Some need the reason to protest against the ruling party. Some need to stick back to their chairs! None the less, there are still people who try to do their bit to end this all. But nothing of such efforts is proved to be enough so far. Hope runs everyone, the world.

The end waved a curtain to the second part of the movie, hopefully the last. Certain rivalry can be watched for quite a lot of times and years on the silver screen. This particular rivalry of this movie shall not be shown in more than two parts, and that's what I feel. If Kamal Haasan and the audience prove me wrong  I will be happy to take it. 

Awaiting Vishwaroop-II. 

Without any extra efforts... Take Home #223

Do not try to prove your point every time. Take back seat sometimes. Sit back and think of it for a while. Cool mind and sharp responses of yours at times prove your points without any of your extra efforts.

Mar 8, 2013

Tough opponent... Take Home #222

Tough opponent can be the cause for your ouster from a tournament but a tough opponent cannot be the reason for your ouster. When you think you have come to win, you should have come prepared to defeat the toughest. 

Mar 7, 2013

Winning... Take Home #221

Winning means a lot more than winning the winners trophy. Win that.