Mar 31, 2013

Salary can buy you only few!

After certain corporate experience, it's easier to understand what for people at work have done or said or written something. Or rather, it's not that easy. But it's not that much tricky too. At the same time, it's need not be entirely accurate understanding. 

Experience makes us build certain thoughts and strong opinions about people, work, situations etc. When it's time to understand the happenings, the opinions of an individual play an important role, a major role when it comes to 'more experience'. Though it's a ground rule to see it afresh, we at times or rather most of the times, go by our own opinions and earlier experiences. That's not entirely correct way of doing things or understanding people. But we can't help it. However, there is a way out. 

It's mutual responsibility of the individuals involved to make each other understand aptly, if not well. When you leave it for any individual's own spirit or thoughts, there is a lot of chance that he or she might get carried away with his or her own understanding which might ruin the long built relationship. And that too for not a reason that's good enough. Be careful and be sensitized about this. Do not sit back and expect people to come to you, behave friendly etc. Put your bit  of efforts in clearing out the things or misunderstandings. Talk a little more. Express more. It helps to a large extent, not just to have a pretty working experience but also you will be credited with long lasting memories of your mates in your account along with the salary. 

Salary can buy you only few!

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