Apr 14, 2013

Better, cricketers be just professionals

It's the matter of performing the best in the world's only of its kind cricketing platform, Indian Premier League, and as many as Indian players are ending up in controversies. To everyone’s surprise, issues of the age of half-decade have come all over up in the matters, not just to overshadow the recent spat-gate between Gambhir and Kohli but also to improve the TRP’s of as many news channels or news papers as possible. Or maybe, to improve the TRP’s of IPL itself.
A player with maximum ‘Santhi’ in his name however has never allowed the spectators to see him being calmly on the job. Once again, as if there has been no news about him, he has come up to make the news himself. He might be right at his position with the trauma he would have gone through being the victim’s end in the slap-gate incident. However, he could have been more matured and focused on his current assignment in which more than eighty percent of cricket still left for this season. It was his choice to speak out on twitter. Now it will be he who would have to back himself for choosing so.
For whatsoever the reason he had kept quiet during the five years back cross examination, he might have found all those reasons make no sense any more with he stepped into his thirties and Indian test squad has been made up with its new young performers recently. Well, that might be fair on his front and I’d like to wish him all the concentration and success for the season.
Coming to the spat-gate between the Indian vice captain and the batsmen who was in the same role just before him, it was very disappointing on the first front. To see the Indian fellow-mates word at each other and the foreigners make their way through in keeping the two apart, I feel sheer shy. And I’m not sure if the two batsmen carry any regret about what they did.
MS Dhoni has kept himself cool and the team bonded. IPL, as it’s said, has allowed many main Indian players captain their own franchises. Along with it, a trigger has been given to the ego of every player to come out strong in their captain-jobs which otherwise is not possible as long as the Indian skipper continue to lift trophies at home and abroad. Good or bad I’m not sure all this is for the Indian cricket but for the game itself, it’s an absolute bliss to have players playing their heart-out making their dreams true and capabilities showcased.
As a mere Indian cricket fan, why just as a fan of the game but as an Indian citizen myself, I’d love to watch the Indian players do well just with the ball and bat, which all matters in the cricket field. For the nation which has brought its people together against every odd for centuries now, it’s definitely not the party time to see its very own sons spat each other amidst the world looking at them for their professional performances.
Whosoever makes the provocation, all the players involved in controversies are responsible for the aftereffects be it on anyone’s career or be it on their country’s game itself. Better, cricketers be just professionals.

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