Apr 27, 2013

IPL'13 ... As expected!

Boy to Adult to Veteran, all B'days on cricket field!
Years retired but not this man! A person cuts 15 cakes on his b'day, and it has to be him. Belated Happy B'day to Sachin. A little more cricket in this IPL from his bat would complete the celebration for this year. Who else knows better? Indian fans remember any cricketer by his last outing.

Gayle hates the 'ball' the most?
The so appearing super natural strike from the Jamaican, couple of days back, has left me thinking if Galye hates the 'ball' the most! Achievements like his, 175 Not Out in a T20 Match, make me feel proud of mankind, be it of any color, any religion and any nation! Well, his fearless knock is one of the handsomest acts I've seen in this age. Hope he will keep it up except againt MI and SRH.

Are they playing?
Some of the legend players from other countires have been so out of the news that I ended up checking the team lists if they are actually playing! Some of the Indian players, some who were known for the hardest hitting and some who were known for the best in class spin blowing etc, have been off the news too. But they are still playing.

One of the worst tournments for Ricky?
The most successful captian from the highest world cup winning country has been humiliated to an extent that he has to put himself away from the captaincy and playing eleven as well. No surprise in that decision in fact it's been enough delayed. Hope he chooses his cards rightly.

The Indian Captains!
Who is next to Dhoni? Probably, if it was asked a day before the start of the IPL the name would have been easier to spell out. Now, every other name is in soup except MSD's. The all emotional Young Indian captians of thier own sides in IPL haven't been effective as expected. However, the stromy players in thier teams haven't yet allowed us to realize the bad-captaincy heights.

Mumbai Crowd is the best
Out of all the enthusiastic crowd that has turned up for the matches so far, the most radiant ones have been the Mumbai crowd, as I observed it. And of course, the most self-centered ones remain to be the ones in the Chepauk with the pinching yellow only seen around.

More updates to follow in next posts. That's all for now.

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