May 31, 2013

Come soon & Complete...!

When you are with me,
I feel the completeness from within;

When you are away,
I realize the incompleteness within.

Come soon

Consistency... Take Home #233

One has to be consistent in investing efforts for a deal. At times, consistency has to be put on for years too. On the day of success, it is the much appreciated.

Balance it out on being professional

Don't be too professional all the time that you probably ruin your professional relationships. Unlike personal relationships, professional relationships are relatively weaker as every maerialistic thing can impact them. Give and take is equally applicable to them too.

Balance it out on being professional.

May 19, 2013

Wait for that day...

Though you lose, learn to smile before your opponents and hence make it tough for them to believe that they have won over you. This is nothing against sportive spirit. Competetions keep happening in life and opponents keep coming. It's all about how you prepare yourself for the next clash and nothing much about what has happened for the moment.

Prepare yourself well. Give your best. Result does not always matter. Go for it. Keep smiling and hold back the sword behind it. One or the other day you will be proud of yourself for being so. Wait for it and believe strongly that it will be worth the wait.

May 9, 2013

Before answering back... Take Home #232

It's not necessary to immediately provide a reciprocating response to every question posed at you, especially by the experienced people. Experience, most of the times, can be understood only by the experience. Listen, take time, think and at times get convinced for no reason, before answering back.

It's need not be the matter of right or wrong always. But it's the matter of respect and satisfaction always.