Jun 30, 2013

Shattered lives with hopes alive! Thanks to The Indian Army

Uttarakhand disaster, known as the Himalayan Tsunami, has struck many lives in shock. Not just across the nation, across the world this disaster has hit the emotions, believes and hopes of billions, especially of Indians. The famous 'Chaar dham' has now become a place where you have to search for the bodies in mud. Government resources say it will take at least two years to resume it back. But those who have been staying there say that it might take even longer. Hope government proves its statement right this time. 

Rescue operations have been consistent despite the incessant rains and halts in between. The Indian Army has once again proved its existence for the people. Salute and tribute to all those twenty soldiers who have died in the chopper crash during the rescue operation. It's been a tricky job for all the pilots as they say, due to the weather conditions. But they are all well trained and that always helps. The relentless rescue operation has been applauded by the whole nation. A very well deserving one too by the Army and Air Force.  

Its been two weeks that everyday's news paper comes with some or the other head line on the Uttarakhand situation. Final death toll has not been declared officially yet as the area is yet to be cleaned up. Down from the mud, one may find number of bodies. Hope not but we may have to face this truth. Families have been lost, homes have been destroyed and now the real challenge is to bring back life and living to the residents of Uttarakhand. However long it might take, they all are backed up by the whole nation. 

Whatever happens, happens for a reason. And politicians find every reason to get through such situations and go for mud throwing. Some of them have flown home some of the victims along with. Good reason for good cause, however. Well, some disasters are natural, some distastes are man made, and some of them are people made in the democracy. Nonetheless, mankind has a way to recover from every disaster. 

My heart goes for the localities there. Nation steps forward for help. I wish a speedy recovery for those who have lost everything out there and also for those who have witnessed all this and eventually lost the mental peace. Hope all this sets soon.

Jun 26, 2013

Approach one's own self... Take Home #238

Building the self-confidence is one's own task. That shall start with trying out the things and end with task accomplishment and learning, using which one can make up the mistakes next time. In between, all one need to do is to approach right people for direction/suggestions, and at times to approach one's own self to find the answers within. 

Your own arrow against yourself... Take Home #237

When you are aware that your biggest strength is your biggest weakness as well, be careful in spelling out about your strength, especially to your rivals/competitors. Ensure either you improve on your weakness or on being diplomatic in conveying your strength. Otherwise, it means that you are targeting your own arrow against yourself.

Jun 23, 2013

All the best, Team India!

Amidst all the speculations on every movement of the players, especially bowlers, on the field, I'm here watching or rather following another prestigious cup race of the ICC, The ICC Champions' trophy. Nothing less than a greater disturbance has occurred to the Team India, days before the tournament, and they are straightaway in the finale. They have set everything very right to reach out to the English players on their own soil. 

It's been long time we have seen India playing like a champion on the foreign soil as if they are right at home on home soil. The credit must be given to the aspirations of young hearts who have been thriving to prove themselves on the international stage. Some of them are the come back kings where as some others are first time right types. This is a balanced side as we see them. However, there is always a scope for any damn thing to happen in the game. They have to play their best in the middle. Only that can give them the title. Hope they will play their best. 

All the best to Team India. England is the best opponent and a fighter team. Indian players have to show their nerves. I hope and wish they do so.

Especially for my blogger friends...

Hello blogger friends, 

It's been quite a long time that I've visited your wonderful blogs and shared my opinions with you on your posts. With time, a lot changes. So as my occupancy. There had been a time when I used to reply to your posts/comments within minutes, and sometimes within seconds even. There had been a time when I used to update my blog one every other day. Well, those were some of the most memorable days when my blogging was on full flow and we were all in regular touch. I truly enjoyed that phase. Hope you guys are in perfect moods of your own writing and blogging. I'd like to get in touch with you once again. But I'm not sure weather I can do that right away. However, I'm enjoying these moments of remembering all of you once again. You have been the greatest source of my inspiration when I was in very much need of the same. Keep up your good work.

See you,

Jun 16, 2013

Life might be difficult but living it is easy... Take Home #236

People do say a lot. Do what you think is right and continue to believe it. Introspect at regular intervals. Correct yourself when you think that's needed. That's all. Life might be difficult but living it is easy.

Jun 9, 2013

Believe in TIME... Take Home #235

It's not always about being the front face, at times impacting the major decisions from back stage sets the stage for you which you deserve. Just hang on and keep up the motivation. Sometimes, you just have to believe in TIME and of course in your own capability.

True to yourself... Take Home #234

You cannot control when and how others develop opinions of you. All you can do is to be right and true to yourself.

Jun 1, 2013

MI's win and Sachin's last IPL...!

It's been a long wait to see Mumbai Indians lift the Indian Premier League trophy. Since the very beginning, this team has been one of my favorites not just for the title win but also for the streak of players it consists. It strengthens the franchisee when it has the senior supporting staff and more importantly and equally backing management. Mrs. Neeta Ambani has been one of the active visitors to her team's outings in the field. Not just with her smile, with her juncture as well she has made a definite place for herself in the team. For me, personally, she is a role model franchisee owner.

When you are a fan of Sachin Tendulkar, you cannot stop yourself for long time from saying that you have supported MI as he being one of the biggest reasons. In any team game, any player is too lesser to the team. Well, fortunately, when it comes to Sachin, he himself broke many generalizations, and that gives every chance for us to follow him.

As I missed Mrs. Ambani while watching the MI celebrations at the Eden Gardens on the night of the IPL final, the 'thank you' message in today's TOI has pleasingly surprised me! I wish BCCI or Team India adopts this for their major wins and for the ever lasting support of cricket's and Team India's fans.

Sachin's announcement saying that he has played his last IPL this time has surprised me. Not in the sense that he should not have done that. But, I remember him not quitting cricket after India won the world cup two years back when everyone was anticipating him to do so. If I remember it correctly, he mentioned that it is your selfishness to retire when you are in good form or after your team wins a major tournament. Now, as MI wins the IPL season-6, I'm not sure if it is not being considered as a major tournament or if the form of him is not satisfyingly good. I believe the reason to be the later than to the former. With that, his retirement from all forms of cricket might just be around the corner! If so, India must be ready to farewell its best ever cricketer.

Congratulations MI... :)