Jun 23, 2013

All the best, Team India!

Amidst all the speculations on every movement of the players, especially bowlers, on the field, I'm here watching or rather following another prestigious cup race of the ICC, The ICC Champions' trophy. Nothing less than a greater disturbance has occurred to the Team India, days before the tournament, and they are straightaway in the finale. They have set everything very right to reach out to the English players on their own soil. 

It's been long time we have seen India playing like a champion on the foreign soil as if they are right at home on home soil. The credit must be given to the aspirations of young hearts who have been thriving to prove themselves on the international stage. Some of them are the come back kings where as some others are first time right types. This is a balanced side as we see them. However, there is always a scope for any damn thing to happen in the game. They have to play their best in the middle. Only that can give them the title. Hope they will play their best. 

All the best to Team India. England is the best opponent and a fighter team. Indian players have to show their nerves. I hope and wish they do so.

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